Darkmoon Fair Awards

Starting a new WW Monk but I only have enough tickets to buy a couple of things. I can get Burnished Warren Staff. I have one Swift Hand Of Justice trinket all ready. I only have enough tickets to buy either the chect piece Stained Shadowcraft or another Swift Hand of Justice. Which one should I get? I have a LW to make my armor while I level. Thanks in advanc for the feed back.
Get items with increase xp % first, weapons / trinkets are often found of near / identical itemization while questing / dungeons so worry about them last.
I'd say the chest, for the XP boost and hit rating. Not that you'll need much hit with a 2h, but if you fight stuff higher level than you, it will help. You won't really notice the trinket haste at low level because you have to stack a lot of it for it to really become noticeable. And honestly, once you hit level 30 and get chi-wave your healing issues are moot. With a heirloom weapon, stuff will not live long enough to pose a threat prior to level 30.

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