Easiest/Hardest professions to max out?

Personally, I've been finding Blacksmithing is the hardest to max if you're not super rich and you're mining the mats.
Leatherworking takes a horrendous amount of mats.

BS is pretty horrible especially with CRZ and outlands. Wotlk tailoring is fairly harsh but relativly easy before that.

Their was a thread perhaps a month ago that went into costs. Blacksmithing was the worse overall at something like 4x the cost of alchemy.
Leatherworking takes a horrendous amount of mats.

BS is pretty horrible especially with CRZ and outlands. Wotlk tailoring is fairly harsh but relativly easy before that.

Their was a thread perhaps a month ago that went into costs. Blacksmithing was the worse overall at something like 4x the cost of alchemy.

how hard is engineerign or jewelcrafting?
Personaly, leveling up BS was a breeze. Im trying to level up JC atm on my hunter mainly for pvp and I've never had such a hard time trying to get mats...
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Personaly, leveling up BS was a breeze. Im trying to level up JC atm on my hunter mainly for pvp and I've never had such a hard time trying to get mats...

did u buy all the mats?

mining all the mats kills me
Leatherworking. There seem to be a couple of bottlenecks in leveling. I think it's because we level so fast now, that the skins at the ends of each release are in shorter supply.
Alchemy and inscription are the easiest professions to level up from my experience. Hardest... I don't know.
I thought engineering was a pain!!!

JC kind of was too because you would tend to need a few items not regularly farmed. And for both of them you make items that you need for future items and juggling that could be tricky.

But, I lvld both a while ago and lvld the profs as I lvld my characters.

Inscription and alchemy have been pretty easy.
Jewelcrafting was the only one I really had trouble with. It was like there were too many things to deal with at once. I couldn't powerlevel it because I needed gems, but to get the gems I had to prospect ore, and to prospect the ore I had to be at a certain level. So it had to be done in little spurts instead of all at once, and I got confused. I imagine enchanting would be even worse, but I've never been able to bring myself to level enchanting very far because it's so expensive.

And look! Another opportunity to shamelessly promote my cost analysis:


I've made a few statements lately about the relative cost of leveling certain professions, but those numbers were based on very casual calculations, were incomplete, and applied only to Farstriders. All that started to make me uncomfortable. So I decided to do a more careful analysis of profession leveling costs.

I used two data sources. From the leveling guides at wow-professions.com, I got a list of the quantities of things needed to level each profession. These lists aren't perfect. They overlook some vendor items, like the crystal vials for alchemy and the thread for tailoring, and due to unpredictable RNG stuff you never know exactly how much of something you're going to need to level up. In my experience, though, they're pretty good.

For my second data source, I went to theunderminejournal.com and got the price of each item. I used the median prices on US servers, Alliance-side. I would have liked global data instead of faction-specific, but the global numbers don't seem to be as detailed. It looks like they only have averages, not medians, and I needed medians so the results wouldn't get thrown off by a few people selling things at extreme prices.

Having gathered my data, I multiplied the quantities of items required by the price of each item. (Where the leveling guides say "use either this or that", I averaged the prices of the different items suggested.) I then added them up. This whole process was repeated for each profession, leaving me with a nice big spreadsheet of numbers.

The numbers I came up with are an approximation of how much it would cost to level a profession from 1-600 by buying all the necessary materials from the auction house (or vendors, if possible). Thus, I only did the math for the eight crafting professions, since you can't level gathering professions that way. (Except mining, by smelting, but only partially.)

Anyway, the leveling costs I came up with were like this:

Alchemy: 3649g
Inscription: 5858g
Enchanting: 7877g
Jewelcrafting: 7901g
Engineering: 8335g
Leatherworking: 11996g
Tailoring: 13568g
Blacksmithing: 14149g

Obviously these numbers can vary widely from server to server, because of different inflation rates and whatnot. So I think it's better to list the numbers in relative terms. Since alchemy is the cheapest profession to level, let's say it's total leveling cost is 1. Profession leveling costs are then as follows:

Alchemy: 1
Inscription: 1.6
Enchanting: 2.2
Jewelcrafting: 2.2
Engineering: 2.3
Leatherworking: 3.3
Tailoring: 3.7
Blacksmithing: 3.9

Even these numbers can vary from server to server—for instance, if a server has an odd ratio of miners to herbalists. But I think they're probably fairly accurate, and may help people who are choosing a profession to level. So I'm posting them here in case anyone else is interested.
If you are personally gathering all the materials your self with no reliance on the AH then the easiest to skill up is Alchemy and the most difficult is LW. If you are getting the skins yourself you will level up just from all the kills. You can quest if you want but you may get frustrated at killing a bunch of grey mobs just so you can skin them.

The only relatively minor saving grace for LW is the Cross Realm Zone feature. Zones like Nagrand have a decent shot of free skins from mobs killed by others doing the Hemet Nesingwary quests. Kind of the opposite you see from al the miners who can't find anything to mine.

But you will find LW a grind in the truest sense of the word from about skill level 180-200 all the way to 500. At least Outland has Nagrand and Northrend has Sholazar Basin so you have a couple of zones with questers killing mobs for you to hopefully drop by and skin. Cata zones will likely be just you and your skinning knife at whatever place you want to farm. Good luck!
Enchanting is a becoming a pain in the A for me. Mats on the AH are in low supply, or not even there, causing people to irrationally price them, thus causing me not to buy them. Then the greens to disenchant for the mats can be rather expensive as well. I even saved all the greens and blues I got when leveling 1-70 and it's still not enough. It's crazy. Alch/JC were 10x easier to level.
That is a nice cost analysis.

Inscription is nice if you are doing multiple because you always have the option to downtrade inks (assuming you have access to a main scribe who can mill/create ink of dreams for you in bulk). You'd want to go into it with a couple hundred.

But that lets you set a rough price cap, if you can get large supply of green tea on your AH for 50-60g a stack, you know there is no point to paying 100g a stack for low level herbs since it is more cost efficiient to downtrade.

You don't even NEED your own scribe but you'd have to use the services of another..whether that is buying ink on the AH (almost certainly at a considerable markup given the time required to mill/create inks) or maybe a VERY friendly guildie or friend/partner or paying for someones milling services in trade etc.

Alchemy is the cheapest but sometimes on some servers you run into brick walls. Need certain herbs to level and simply not enough supply on the AH period. At least with inscription you have the option of using the highest level herbs which are usually the most gathered and flood the AH daily while low level stuff can be in short supply.
Thus far Engineering has been a royal pain in the posterior. In the beginning its a breeze with everything you need readily available. Once you get past 200 it becomes a complicated and confusing process. Making a recently learned item often requires prior items that you have kept, like you have all the bag slots in the world (ex: master engineers goggles). If you don't have it, you have to go through the expensive/time consuming process of making it and you don't get any leveling as a result. The necessary materials for crafting some items are not present in the AH and unless you have the second profession that makes it, there is no way to obtain it (ex, enchanted leather or huge emeralds) unless you find someone that will do it/get it for you. I know of the benefits that come with lvl 600 but when trying to reclaim the gold spent leveling by selling items I am loosing more gold than I am making from the AH. I spent several hundred gold just to go up one point in leveling.
I found enchanting and alchemy to be the easiest for me. Enchanting took me almost no time at all, I saved every piece of gear I found on all of my characters while leveling. JC was also relatively easy as I am on a low pop server so at the time I was usually mining with no competition.

The hardest that I've actually leveled, engineering. It took me forevvvvver to level it up, even with other engineers helping me. I've tried bs but don't have the patience, it seems to take A LOT of mats. Lw was also a bit of a pain but I was lucky enough to have a guild mate who had a ton of leftover mats available to me so I didn't have to waste too much time gathering.
Leatherworking is kicking me in the balls
Make more Heavy Leather Ball to kick around instead.
I have have reacently leveled blacksmithing it took about 6500 gold from me but I was buying ores and smelting the rather than having to buy the bars off the AH, and today I have started leveling enchanting and got to 450 in a breeze and only used 1000 gold because I have been dis enchanting the gear I created while leveling blacksmithing. So I suppose the easier it is, is the way you plan it to be. I am going to start tailoring soon also and hope to make some profit off of dis enchanting the remnants. good luck to all the rest that are trying to level them all. Sorry for the bad typing did it on an iPad.
I myself only have enchanting, leather working, jewel crafting, mining, and skinning maxed. Mining is pretty easy, and I had tailoring too til I dropped it for JCing but it wasn't hard, neither was JCing although I mined most of my own matts for it. Skinning is like mining, but then LWing does cost a butt load of leather. Especially Borean and Savage leather. But so far, enchanting was the hardest and most expensive for me to level up. I had to go find materials or make them to disenchant for almost half of it. The other half I bought at extreme prices because there was so little.
Unless you're flush with cash and have a good AH, it's normally easier to level the appropriate gathering profession to near max, then unlearn it for the crafting profession you actually want. For example, let's say you want to become a blacksmith.

You could theoretically pay 10k (very roughly) on your AH to pick up all that mats (if your AH even had the right mats in the right quantities). Or you could spend about 5 hours leveling mining, then unlearn it, then spend another 3 or so leveling blacksmithing (all the inventory management takes time). At the end of the day, you'd probably net 1-2k from all your unused mats.
I leveled mining, farming the extra ores I needed for blacksmithing while I was in the zone for that ore, for example if I only needed 100 fel iron ore to go on to northrend mining, but I needed 300 for blacksmithing, I'd get all 300 while I was in outland, and then I leveled blacksmithing with those mats. Doing that took me less than 10 hours total.

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