Elemental Shamans, Blizzard please take note.

The forums are here to give feedback on our class. I have been playing ele since wrath and i'm about sick of BLIZZARD just ignoring the fact that we are not even mediocre.

Look at simcraft results for current http://www.simulationcraft.org/510/Raid_T14H.html

This forum has been started to raise awareness to blizzard that Elemental shamans need serious help.

I suggest buffing elemental blast dmg and lightning bolt.

Elemental blast has a long cast time and that alone will not hurt pvp.
Lightning bolt damage needs to also be fixed, it is way too low.
Lowering the cast times on our spells would also be a good buff.

We NEED to be buffed though.

Those are my suggestions, i just want to be relevent.
So Ele sucks in PvE as well? !@#$, I thought we did well at least in Raids
From what I can tell Shaman usually don't get touched... Which is nice so numbers don't change much. However, as ele we do 88% the damage of arcane, which isn't too bad I guess. What doesn't show in a sim is how movement affects damage.

We need a 10% buff to be within 10% of arcane =) that's a lot.
I think we just need to be looked at by blizzard as a class. PVP wise we are a mess i know that.
But pve we are just ok, movement fights help us compete, but anything like ultra we're screwed.

We need a smal tweek to our st damage and i think we will be fine.
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The forums are here to give feedback on our class.

Not the class forums. From the sticky at the top of the forums:

"This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the shaman class with your fellow World of Warcraft players."

12/06/2012 04:33 PMPosted by Ignoredalot
Look at simcraft results

Simcraft's not a be all end all for class balance, or even a particularly strong indicator of class balance. Even within simcraft though, there are 20 specs within 9k dps of each other, 5 above them, and 1 below them. With the exception of those outliers, it's pretty balanced.
I think on most movement fights we do ok, but anything static were gonna suck.
I think we need to be tweeked and i think we are in need of something, PVP is a completely different subject though.
I think on most movement fights we do ok, but anything static were gonna suck.
I think we need to be tweeked and i think we are in need of something

We're ok in static fights too. We're close enough to be considered balanced, but we're on the weak side. A minor buff would be nice.

12/06/2012 07:46 PMPosted by Ignoredalot
PVP is a completely different subject though.

Ele has one of the best burst in PvE in the game.

Ascendance +Pots + Ele mastery/Lust = Massive damage.
in LFR and even some normal modes with all my cds popped i can get to a good 5mil dmg lead over the next DPS. However once bloodlust and ascendance are both down that dps tends to fizzle out and people can catch up but at least elemental is still competitive and doesnt drop to the very bottom of the chart like ive seen hunters, paladins and even some warriors do.
GC has stated, on many occasions, that they do not look at class forums.

You are better off posting on an arena or BG forum.
Would love to hear what the designers thoughts are on how we're doing. Fire mages supposedly just got nerfed, but they are still miles ahead of me. Feeling a bit depressed about my Ele at the moment.

Almost feel like we're being punished for finally having good burst. I would give up that burst if I could do sustained damage anywhere near the top classes.

I definitely feel we need to be looked at. Just was comparing some numbers from parses on raidbots and yeah we're not doing too hot.

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