Unable to repeat dailies suddenly

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I was doing them every day a few weeks ago but I re-rolled and became heavily involved with an alt skipping the dailies.

I came back to doing them a few days ago but none of the quests are available, I checked my quest log, nothing there either. I had a google and could only come up with two other threads with people having this issue but they were fairly old.

I can do the faction specific ones (the low level ones such as elwynn forest), but I cant do the ones you would get in the second quest. I cant repeat the master tamers in winterspring or deadwind pass either, nor can I repeat any of the tamers in outland.

I cant get any green bags since I haven't completed the NR ones yet.

I made a ticket but the wait time was two days so I thought I'd ask around while I waited for a way of fixing this.
I have experienced this before, as have others. I know of no known fix, however, you may find the dailies available at a certain kind of day.

In my experience, the pandaren elemental spirit dailies reset on a different timer to other dailies, so I've been able to do my cooking daily with Nomi, and had to wait about 8 hours before checking the elemental spirits and taking their dailies.

Slightly vexing, and either they will reset when you dont check or not at all. Apparently it's a known issue with fixes in the background building their way to a solution :/.
Some days they reset for me, some days they don't. Today they didn't... grumble grumble. I'm not sure of precisely why, but I've had other 'daily' issues with resets/maintenance (the crop prediction the day before a reset almost never yields extra produce), so I'm wondering if that's it. I'll be curious to see if Wednesday's the next day they don't reset for me.
Hmm okay, this is the 4th day in a row though ):

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