Just get rid of AV or put it back to vanilla

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Podcast with Chilton suggests they may be reworking AV in the future. Lets hope they do well.


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I saw that, he is talking more about a new battleground than reworking AV. My favourite part was:

'Have a battleground with weak NPCs that you can level up in the bg that become more powerful as you do stuff, kill enemies and other NPCs... we need AI tech to make that happen but once we have that we'll experiment with that'

It's like AV doesn't exist because that's exactly what AV is right now and it wouldn't take a lot of work to make it currently work. Here's how: stop nerfing reinforcements, add a 1 in front of all the NPCs current health and add 50% more damage. :\
Actually, the initially his query was whether they were going to make AV a MOBA, (or another battleground).

I miss the old days of AV, but it's still one of my favorite bgs because there is so much you can do. I don't think the people that say they hate it, have any idea of how many things you can do. I think most people hate it because it's a race to kill the general, making it more PvE. The games where the horde is executing the Rath Strat force a lot of PvP (sans any gy camping, which is actually rare in those games).
I have played AV since right before BC and I recently played and can say I am not sure what you people are talking about. Seems like the same fights, same caps, same gy's to me.
can we kill Korrak I need my ice barbed spear
I have a better Idea turn AV into a "PvP" raid you can only do it once per week but you can get better loots from it i think that would be a pretty awesome idea have two raids go against eachother for loots and if one team fails well they dont get loots simple as that It would ofcourse add in the "We need to win" element but also make it easier to get gear for pvp (loots can be honor gear or something I dont care just something worth while) and same for Isle turn it into a pvp raid
Early in its design, AV was actually meant to be a persistent pvp zone like Wintergrasp before it became a BG. There's lots of potential to bring AV back to its former glory if they decide to go in this direction.

Just like WG and TB, players would do battle every couple hours or so with similar gameplay to the BG experience, except perhaps tweaking the objectives to making zerging a riskier strat (e.g. must kill tower first before capping next gy). Slowing the battle down will also give greater incentive to summon Ivus or Lokholar to break turtles or stalemates.

In between battles, people can still do the side quests that bring back Korrak, Winteraxe trolls, raiding mines for supplies, running hides and flesh, etc. People who complete these quests would receive temporary buffs that allow them to summon beacons, assault troops, cavalry, or whatever tactical tools that they could use to help their faction in the next battle.
I'll never forgive Chilton for what he did to old AV. He is the MAIN dev associated with PvP, so anyone not pleased with PvP in the game should know who to blame.

I've cancelled my account twice during WoW's history for two long periods of time due to boredom with the game. I would have never cancelled once had old AV remained as it was during vanilla....and I know I'm not the only one that feels that way. Blizzard has lost money due to dev decisions to gut this battleground into the worthless pile of rubbish it currently is.

Chilton, what purpose does having eleven 20 minute honor grind gameshow styled battlegrounds serve and not even having a single, large scale epic style battle?
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Old AV matches typically lasted 18-48 hours.

Nah, typically 45 minutes to 2 hours. I've only been in one (1) 36 hour AV. The preponderance are under 2 hours. And epic fights, usually.

Depended on the realm. My old realm AV would last 20+ hours almost all the time. Usually weekends are when the games were faster. But everyone ENJOYED summoning the bosses and all that stuff. Now people !@#$% and moan and complain about everything. I still blame x-realm BGs for the crappy state of BG players.
Like anything in wow, anything nice has to be dumbed down for the masses. One of the devs wrote a while ago that the current WoW team doesn't even know how AV is coded and that they are scared to go inside and mess with stuff.

Yeah, a real "We made it work? HOW?!" situation. I think if they did want an old-style AV, best bet is to rebuild one from scratch. With a ton of notes/guide for future coders. :P

With the power players can get with gear, I'm not sure old AV would last forever like it used to.

Good point, and one overlooked a lot.

Put Murph back, give him 900M HP and merge his abilities with Patchwerks. They have added alot of abilities to the game that could be included in the NPCs skill sets since vanilla if they had half an imagination and less lead in their boots. Imagine the luls if Vann had Shadow Traps and Defile. Or giving the fliers Flemyst mindcontrol breath. What they clearly have been is too thickskulled to understand after so many years of people hapring on them about AV is we just want a BG that has an epic battle that lasts for hours without all the BS breaks and waiting on stupidass queues that take forever. Everytime they make another bg its another POS 5 minute let down that seems only to be made for another stupid points grind. The closest they have gotten to getting that so far is CRZ PvP. And thats just because it means we get to do all the work while we try and play. Get people in an epic battlegroumd and COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the queueing. Plenty of time to sit in queue while we are sleeping. Or Dead.

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