$1000 (ish) PC build.

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I've been getting the upgrade itch of late. WoW is starting to chug a bit on my laptop, and I've been considering making the jump back into desktop gaming.

After fooling around on various build-it-for-you sites, I felt like seeing about building my own rig. This is what I came up with:


My questions are as follows:

Completion of build?

Any known issues with current components.

Any improvements to parts without drastic cost change?

What sort of performance can I expect at ultra settings? Raid performance?
Well, first off, no aftermarket cooler is a bad choice.

That's a very expensive motherboard which offers little to no advantage for you , given your budget.

You could get one half the cost that would work out just as well for you.

I'm not even entirely sure it would fit in that case. It also lacks USB 3.0 headers.

The Cooler Master Storm Enforcer might be a bit of a better choice for not much more.

The 7870 you have is a bit on the top-end price wise, you might find a better deal with another one.
Re Cooling: I think everyone & their dog has used a Cooler Master Hyper 212 in their gaming computer at one point or another. Get one of those. A bit of a PITA to install but they're very effective. (The EVO is slightly better than the PRO but both are quite good and the difference in price/performance is fairly minimal.)
1. Power supply is overkill for a single GPU setup. 500W is usually enough for most except highest end of high-end graphics card.

2. You don't need 16GB of RAM. 8GB is plenty.

3. Blu-Ray drive should never be bought unless you WILL watch Blu-Ray movies on your PC.

4. You can find Seagate 1TBs for almost half the price of that WD hard disk.

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