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Whenever i take a long flight, usually at least 5 points or further, when I land at the last one, I get a loading screen, and I get set back 1 full flight point. I've just reinstalled WoW on a fresh Windows 7 install and have no mods yet.
I am also seeing this happen.
Seeing a lot of these on the forums. Mine happens when flying to Lion's landing specifically. I fly THROUGH Paw'don village, and that is in fact the second to last FP. My loading screen takes me back to Paw'don rather than Lion's Landing
This happened to me twice when I was flying to Eastern Plaguelands. Once I landed, I got the loading screen and was ported back to Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands.
Yeah, specifically it's when I fly from doing my Shadopan dailies to go to Lion's Landing, and happened again when I flew from Darnassus to Silithus today, took me back to feathermoon.
This has been happening to me as well.
Had this happen three times now in the last two days - once on a path from Org to Karnum's Glade in Desolace (got bumped back to Thunk's Abode) and twice from Shrine of Two Moons to Shado-Pan Garrison (bumped back to Rensai's Watch).

Mildly annoying and definitely very weird.
I have taken four flights today and it has happened three times. All in Eastern Kingdom. Also, seems to give 2-3 loading bars in rapid succession before dropping to the start of the last leg in the flight.
It's been happening for a while for me. Flying from shrine of 7 stars to shadopan quartermaster.
I have encountered the same problem every time I fly to the Shado-Pan Garrison -- I land there, get the loading screen and find myself at Rensai's Watchpost.

The latest was about 5 minutes ago.

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