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outraged? oh gosh, get over yourself.
12/06/2012 07:15 PMPosted by Tankenstein
I personally am outraged by this addition that they've added to the game.
I personally am outraged by your repetative repetition.

Well done. I was wondering if anyone else would bring that up.

my 2 cents: It's pretty annoying, but that's moreseo because I'm used to the old way. It was pretty jarring the first few times.
It allowed me to realize that i m not crazy for thinking most stuns that say 4 seconds are really 6.
12/06/2012 06:27 PMPosted by Mistabings
I think it's a wonderful feature, I have had the intention of making power auras to serve the same purpose for a long time and haven't gotten around to it out of laziness. This makes it so that not only do I not have to, but people that don't use an similar addon either by ignorance of its existence or by choice now have it default. Only improvement I can think of is to make it more transparent. I don't even know what you're talking about with the bars because my eyes are never ever on my action bars, they're on the area around my character to watch for threats or things I need to respond to.

i agree them adding these features makes those who say "addons / mods" are cheating blah blah blah. i never knew how much i was cc untill this ui update. i use to blow cd's while being disarmed and not even know i was disarmed at least now i have somehting to say "WAIT 8 SECONDS NUB" ok "NOW NUKE!!!"
Crithto! Don't remove it! I find it a wonderful addition to the UI personally, and while some of the more *touchy* players might want it removed altogether, I've found it useful in multiple situations.

If they really don't like it, let 'em uncheck it. I like the red stuff, it tells me what I can and can't use when I'm cc'd. This is especially useful as a relatively casual gamer, I don't have time to sit down and memorize the lengths of every unique crowd-control option.

I'd actually like to offer my thanks for the addition. Please ignore those who want it totally gone.

Agreed with the above. I play so many classes that I am not pro in that this REALLY helps me to learn the class of the alt I am on. Make it optional, don't get rid of it!
12/06/2012 08:55 PMPosted by Crithto
But not screwing up our action bars.

This is being fixed in the next patch.

Should be hotfixed.
there ain't nothin' wrong with Quake III's PvP, just sayin ;)

This is being fixed in the next patch.

Should be hotfixed.

It's part of the UI - It can't be without a client-side patch. It's not important enough to disrupt the patch cycle for.
I have no idea why people are complaining over this. You're already's not like you could do anything anyways.

It's just useful and communicating something in the game to us quickly and definitively.

how you guys can find that a bad thing is beyond me.

also how can this upset your game play so bad that it kills you in pvp? you sure it isn't you getting you killed in pvp?
As I're already CCed, it's not as if you could do anything anyways, when it's done then it's gone so.....yeah I just can't get what you could possibly complain about.

People saying the bars "kill you".....that sounds a little bit much to me. I don't think the bars can kill you. I think you kill you.
What I want to know is why people are seeing this as a bad thing for PVP? It does the same thing as debuff filter and how are people "Being Killed" by the red action bar?

Unless its just a bad case of "Change is bad mkay?"

^took the words right out of my mouth
Thank goodness it's removable!

I see it can be helpful in some situations, but when I'm killing the same mobs 40 times for a quest, i don't need to see that every one of them is rooting me. I figured it out on the first one.
You're already's not like you could do anything anyways.

This is true. However, the way the bars used to work is that things you couldn't use would be dimmed out when you were CCed. The moment they lit back up you were good to go.

The red cooldown, however, often ends a little bit before you're actually in control of your character again. So the cooldown indicator has ended and I expect to be able to move or to start a cast, but I can't.

That's my biggest objection, it's just clunky now, and it wasn't before. I wouldn't mind it so much if it were more responsive. Instead of giving clearer info, as it was intended to do, it currently can give flawed info instead. This can mess you up for a moment when you're already planning your next move. I haven't died because of it or anything, but at first I did have a few moments of "wait, what?".

Those who would like to be able to turn the new system off completely (instead of just the popup warning) probably should be able to, regardless. Luckily, it sounds as though Blizzard agrees. For some players the issue may be that the red swirls draw your attention to the things you can't use, the things you can use don't stand out nearly like the things you can't.

The only thing it serves to do for me is make me realize how bad my healers are(Dispel the fear/slow/whatever guys - stupid fears in HoF and the stacking crap in MSV) or how freaking LONG some of them are. Especially when they're not dispelled. I'M LOOKING AT THE PRIESTS HERE.

It's possible that you're not being dispelled when you should be and the healers are sitting on their dispels. However, healers now have an 8 second CD on their dispels, so if multiple people are debuffed it needs to be triaged and hopefully two healers don't choose the same person. The exception is, as you mention, priests. We can also Mass Dispel every 15 seconds. However, it is very expensive, so it's not generally used to clear just one or two debuffs, and using it on CD will seriously tax mana reserves. One place you will see a priest spamming it is LFR with the trash mobs you mention which put a stacking petrification debuff on the raid. But it has a target cap of 10, so even if I mass dispel where you are, it may not dispel you. And all bets are off if the tanks pull the next pack without waiting for stacks to fall off and healers to regain mana.

/run f=CreateFrame("Frame") f:RegisterEvent("LOSS_OF_CONTROL_ADDED") f:RegisterEvent("LOSS_OF_CONTROL_UPDATE") f:SetScript("OnEvent",function() for b in pairs(ActionBarActionEventsFrame.frames) do b.cooldown:SetLossOfControlCooldown(0,0) end end)

Seemed to work well for me when I pvp.
Don't like it. Tried to use it in PvP, and I couldn't focus on anything other than the annoying red bars. Even in PvE it's really annoying. Do not WANT.

I don't use any addons really for a reason. I like my game clean-cut and easy to focus on. I find it helpful and more challenging, and I don't want to be babysat. If you can't figure out what's happening to your character then you really shouldn't be playing.

Also, how about we take all the time that was wasted on making a useless UI addition that no one asked for - and put it towards things we -DO- want, like no CRZ's, or bug fixes, or other good things.

Honestly. -.-

Edit: And what's the point of having to download another addon to fix an implementation designed to REPLACE an addon? *Flips table*
I wouldn't mind the big boxy alert with the cc countdown but not right on top of my toons, the ugly grey-red cooldown crap on my bars needs to GO. Like yesterday. I hate it, it's ugly.
If they really don't like it, let 'em uncheck it. I like the red stuff, it tells me what I can and can't use when I'm cc'd. This is especially useful as a relatively casual gamer, I don't have time to sit down and memorize the lengths of every unique crowd-control option.

Your hotbars have ALWAYS had the spells you cannot use dim out.

This red crap just makes it more visible.. but unfortunately the clockwise spin duration timer also makes my eyes bleed.

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