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You can always disable it if you don't like it! Besides, I'm glad Blizzard adds new UI things like this to the game, because I can't wait for the day that I won't need to use anymore UI add-ons because the default UI is so fully customization that I won't need addons to play this game how I want to.

Now if only they could allow us to move and customize our toolbars and the Health/Mana bars, our target windows, etc... that way I wouldn't have to use X-Perl and Dominos anymore.
The major problem with this feature comes not from the actual feature but from what triggers it. The large amount of CC present in this game is what makes this so annoying. Perhaps if every class had only one or two CCs (that were different from the other clases) this would not be a problem because it could help us know who/what class is attacking us. This is not the case as so many classes have similar CCs.

This is just something else Blizzard decided to change for the sake of change and nothing more. It was not needed and despite what Blues have said it is not very helpful.

An option to completely turn it off would be the best thing here Blizz.


*Edit: To those saying you can turn it off/disable it, we as of right now cannot turn it off completely that is what the players who do not like this feature want AN IN GAME way to make this go away not an outside source or altering something somewhere else besides IN GAME.
I don't mind the toolbar part. But, the warning box should be movable. Personally I would move it a bit higher so it's not in the center of the screen, and make the font adjustable. Kind of funny that some need a warning in the middle of the screen to show them they are feared or sapped. Lots of PVP people like to complain that Blizzard overlooks them. Careful what you ask for I guess.
You can disable the notices via the in-game options menu.

But not the whole thing.

I don't want any of it.

An MVP outright challenging a blue.

I kind of have a newfound respect for Crepe.
Give it some time you will get used to it.
I hated it at first, now I find it somewhat useful.
12/06/2012 08:55 PMPosted by Crithto
But not screwing up our action bars.

This is being fixed in the next patch.

Another prime example of Blizz forcing an unwarranted feature on us BEFORE they take the time to work the bugs out. Just like CRZ.
12/06/2012 08:55 PMPosted by Crithto
But not screwing up our action bars.

This is being fixed in the next patch.

I'm not as worried about the CC announcement, as I am the ridiculous amount of CC in the game.
I like the feedback it provides. But I despise having it located in the middle of the screen. I would really like the flexibility to move it around on the screen.
Some of you guys are either missing the point or not actually reading the complaint.

The problem isn't so much with the timer box pop's the seizure inducing icon effect that takes over every single action bar slot that's causing frustration. It's obnoxious. I don't need all the icons wigging out on me to know I've lost control of my character. The simple darkened icon effect was enough.

And as some others have mentioned, it doesn't even seem to sync properly all the time.

Unnecessary feature IMO.
While an interesting feature I think it is a bit to intrusive. I tend to like the center of my screen as clear as possible so I don't miss a ground effect or a spell going off. I like to know that I crowd controlled but the big box in the center of my screen is counter productive. I like many players have spent a long time gathering addons and such to craft the perfect UI that works for our play style. the flashy red swirls are just plain obnoxious and let us at least shrink and move the display box. I mean I would leave it on but as it is doing more harm than good. To Those who are saying "oh you are crowd controlled you can't do anything anyway!" Not all crowd control roots you in place. For instance if a raid boss is tearing up the ground with a fire storm and I am disarmed I can still move the hell out of the flames and drawing my eyes away from the actions is just counter productive not to mention blocking the view of my character. as far as the number of crowd controls I think the amount of stuns they have added to pve mobs is absolutely silly. I have seen groups wipe because of it.
So im going to make a suggestion here that may very well BLOW BLIZZARDS MIND!

Wait for it........ Make the frame movable!! Really though is it that hard to make your frames movable it was ages before you could move party frames etc. Is it really that difficult to make things like this that you add into the game MOVABLE FRAMES? It would relieve the need for some of the addons alot of players use which only really do one thing and let me MOVE the frames that blizzards never seems to want to let me move. Or i need some ridiculously long script or something.
I pvp and I hate it.

The first time I saw it in the middle of my screen, I went, "WTF?" and then figured out how to turn it off.

Just more of Blizz dumming down the game. Sigh......
I think "outraged" is a bit over the top.

I don't find it useful and I find it intrusive. It's not a feature we asked for as far as I'm aware and I don't find it a positive addition to the UI.

Opinions are weird like that, he calls it one thing, you call it another.
I like the feature. I remember when I discovered an addon that shows an icon in the center of the screen whenever you're being controlled and I really like that. Counting down seconds are somewhat helpful too.

I remember I read hateful feedback about the feature before I logged in 5.1 for the first time. I imagined that entire screen goes, like, full of blood and flashing and some trembling caption across the whole screen like "Fear!!" written in huge red font. But it turned out to be quite nicely implemented feature. One more addon less. Just let people turn it off if they hate it.
I posted a somewhat reactionary post earlier. Now, having detoxed myself of all coffee-related products, I'd like to repost.

It's a really nice feature, and as a matter of fact one of my arena partners has been riding me over getting a similar addon. I didn't like the concept and essentially just told him "no", but now that it's been "shoved down my throat", I actually kinda like it.

Fanboi-ness aside, I can understand why someone wouldn't want their whole screen flashing red. I also seem to have mis-read the Pug's post, thinking they were getting rid of the whole system. Frankly, this seems like one of the few instances in which they might be able to make *almost* everyone happy, and that just makes me {◕ ◡ ◕}.

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