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This feature is made for tunnel visioners
I like the little red CD thing I could go without the big button in the middle but the red tells me when I can start clicking buttons and actually be doing something

I find it to overall be a positive addition to the stock UI. Some things could change (enable/disable bar cooldown as part of the standard options) but overall I think it's fine.

You would be astounded just how much you are unaware of in the big userbase that is Wow players.

You pretty much just said what they were saying, the problem is that those that do not want it do not have the option to disable it.

You would be astounded just how much you are unaware of the actual problem

Haha, no. You can't really turn that around on me because I know what the actual problem is. I was agreeing with his issue, and merely disagreeing with his attempts at speaking for the public at large at what he personally considered a "useless feature"

You'd be surprised how much a little reading comprehension actually helps in instances of text-based communication.
There's way too much flashy junk on the screen already, only some of which can be turned off so any feature add Blizzard makes that allows us to turn more of it off, the better.

But I probably won't be around to enjoy the changes, I don't have a whole lot longer before my time expires and I gotta say that so many things about the game have been seriously messed up, particularly all the ridiculous flashy RNG 'hit this button now' stuff, not to mention the completely broken pet interface, untuned 1-85 dungeons, broken pricing on the AH, massive numbers of bots... inability to opt for a higher level of difficulty while leveling. This little UI issue is just the tip of the iceberg. No way I'm going to be buying this expansion... it's a complete write-off. It was barely worth the $15 to try out the new mechanics for a month.

I honestly think its really nice and as my friend pointed out a lot of people have add ons that do similar things, so what's the huge cry fest over? Its not like you can use the abilities if its off...

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