Trinket Burst Damage Adjustments

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No Abilities and no armor. Just slap pvp!!! Socialism in WoW!!! Who'da thought??
This doesn't exactly solve the burst problem. In reality, the burst is more frequently dished out, so I'm not exactly sure what is being accomplished here.(besides having every hordey afraid to touch the flag)
Two reasons why this doesn't make sense:

1. It's not the trinkets, it's the specs.
2. This effects all classes so the net effect is just helping the specs from reason number 1.

This. It's not every single class that has stupid burst. Why does Blizzard keep insisting on blanket nerfs when only a few classes are in need of the nerfs.

This xpac really has convinced me Blizzard doesn't have a clue how to balance PvP.
12/07/2012 03:49 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Instead of addressing the strong classes

I just want to point out that this is only one step in a process. We will continue to assess classes and individual abilities and make adjustments as necessary.

You're still assessing? Here's a cheat sheet:

Warriors' TfB
Mages' Frost Bomb
i dont really have any problem with tfb getting nerfed and i dont think it would make any broad changes...given the times it changes the course of a match are so seldom. But this should read as a nerf to anyone who isnt on a wiz cleave or shatterplay team. cc is what is making pvp suck in mop in my opinion, so i fully expect blizzard to make a dozen limp wristed attempts to fix things that arent broken, and simultaneously make pvp awful in the process. I hate blizzard.
Just look at blizzards analysis of rogues, the choices they had to make between mobility, damage and utility. Those choices are non existent on mage. I really dont understand their deal at all with mages. just calmly watiting for gc's departure and hoping for someone with an interest in classes that arent mage to take his place.
GL with second wind weak burst classes <3
12/06/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Daxxarri
we will nonetheless keep a close eye on the situation and make adjustments to the appropriate items if necessary

that doesn't mean tweaks to those pve trinks that will look more appealing right? Just making sure, wouldn't be the first time pve was nerfed to balance pvp.
The problem is there are a lot of bursty spells out there right now.

Chaos Bolt
Frost Bomb

Until those huge hitting abilities are adjusted, the problem will continue. It isn't the fault of trinkets (well unless you are a human who can use 2)
replace "pvp fix" with "human mage buff" and thats what this trinket change is.
12/08/2012 08:22 PMPosted by Larasonna
Leave us alone, you got your gigantic nerf, take it and shut the hell up. I'm sick of the nerf chaos bolt complaints. PvP isent the entire story here. You cried, chaos bolt got nerfed and now destro PvE is in an even WORSE spot than before. Impossible, I know, but its true. You guys cried and cried and cried and cried until one of our specs that was already in trouble got nerfed to near unplayability. Screw all the people who actually enjoy progressing through PvE content as destro right? Because this game is centered around the group of whiners who do nothing but cry and cry and cry and complain and complain and complain about how bad the game and PvP are. Sorry, but if its that bad, go play something else, do us all a favor and quit, we don't want or need your condescending attitudes.

Slow down.

I simply stated that a few abilities hit too hard.

It wasn't condescending. I sympathize with the warlock plight. However, Chaos Bolt and Frost Bomb hitting for 200k and up is just too much. Any ability that hits for over 50% of a player's health is too much.
I think it's sad that even though they're attempting to solve the problem, everyone still gets on here and complains about how they're doing it or why are they doing this blah blah blah.

I really don't see many 2.3k + players complaining about PvP imbalance, they kind of just take everything in stride and keep playing. It seems most of the qq comes from the lesser, uninformed 1500-1900 crowd. I'm not saying that I'm better than they are, just that the general populace of whiners come from that bracket.

Kind Madam, I see you are new here, or have possibly bought your account, either way, I beckon you to venture forth on the internets to Areanjunkies. There is plenty of QQ from players above 2.3. Have you read this site or are you talking out of your !@#$?
Awesome change blizzard!

Thank you for answering your community AND for applying this change quickly. As a side note, maybe future pve trinkets should be developed with less burst as well, just to ensure they don't become BiS for pvp again due to the damage pvp trinkets being nerfed.

However, the real root issue is still the abilities and inherent bursty designs. Just flatten out some values blizz, spread out the damage %'s

Also, while we are on the topic of pvp trinkets, any chance for a battlemaster trinket buff? They seem very weak right now.
This is definitely a step in the right direction, but those big hitting spells need to be toned down and sustained damage needs to be increased for those classes!

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