Trinket Burst Damage Adjustments

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The sickening part about this is that they are decreasing other people's bursts while still allowing other classes like destro locks and frost mages to hit you for half you health in one hit. If you're going to drop our burst, you need to do something about their specs' incredibly strong attacks as well.
Now I need to do pve for the bis PVP trinkets
They take the wrong steps in trying to balance PvP... We may be able to burst hard but a non cast heal healing for 75% of a players health is an absolute outrage(lack of being able to use profanity) Seems to me like they are trying to remove PvP altogether and make the game all about casuals and kids..
Also: Most pvpers mentioned specific abilities from certain classes. Not freaking trinkets!
I guess it slightly hurts burst all around. But, everyone gets pulled back, not just the problem classes.

Here is a list of problem classes-

Now you'll probably ask for specific skills-
"Frost bomb"
"Chaos Bolt"
For Warriors it's the synchronization of many skills (all belonging to the Warrior)to give OP burst with build up over a few gcds.
After all these nerfs to healing and healers now being soloed in bgs by quite a few classes...and easily dying in 2s....they're still planning to nerf healing again?

Healing is already underpowered imo. One person should not be able to kill a healer, otherwise they're less valuable than a dps. That's already happening, and you want to make it worse? Why even allow healers if you're making them useless in pvp?

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't get what you mean. How is it a nerf to healing when healing and burst both go down?

Because he said "If that proves to be the case, then we currently plan to increase the effects of the Battle Fatigue healing debuff to compensate, which is an adjustment that we’ve been considering for some time."

Healers have had...3 nerfs so far and they want to hand out another flat healing nerf. Healing is as underpowered in pvp as I've seen in the few years that I've been playing. It's not fun to heal in pvp when one class can solo you. It should take more of an effort to kill a healer, otherwise there's no point in healers playing.
"Trinket burst has made PvP unbalance and unfun."

"Human racial gives them an extra PvP trinket, but that is completely balanced and fun."

Makes perfect sense.

Every other race has their racial bonuses too. Berserking? I don't think that's balanced and fun. /sarcasm
Cool, ill just use double on Use + engineering for 2000 agility 50 seconds out of a min

nice change!
Uhhhhhh, there is too much burst but there is still the blanket 15% healing debuff?

Remove the debuff like you guys said you would.

This would be horrible. Burst damage is out of control but so is burst healing. People go from 100% to 20% against a warrior/frost mage with all CDs popped. However, they go from 20% to 100% with one healer global the whole game. When a druid is in tree form everyone is pretty much at 100%.

That's kind of the point of healing...keeping people alive. What is this crap where people want healers to be so useless? If a healer is healing and you're not ccing the healer, then it's your own fault. The healer should be able to keep herself and others alive unless you're keeping her cc'd.

Healing should always be stronger than dps. If healing isn't as strong as dps, then that means one dps is more valuable than one healer. The healer is never going to kill a dps, but the dps should also never be able to solo a healer.

These healing nerfs have gone on for far too long. Healing is as underpowered now as it has ever been in the few years that I've played.
So being a human with double on use + engineering will provide someone with 50 seconds out of every minute with a huge stat increase?
From 4000+ primary stat increase for 25 secs to 129...

Looks like the movie's about to begin, Pass me some of that /popcorn you people eat at these times, This is gonna be pure gold.

*Holds the bucket of popcorn below the viewer sitting next to her's eyes*

Thanks, I like mine extra salty.
Hey Daxxarri, how about a couple of things.

-Get the DK class leader to pitch ideas to Ghostcrawler about increasing DK survivability. It's crap bro.

-Nerf Warrior, Lock, Mage, and Hunter damage across the board.

Healing is sorta out of whack, but it's not game changing by any means.

Fix those two issues and the game will be a lot more fun PvP wise.
Please fix Insignia PvP Power Trinkets or give us PvP Power Medallions.
They should focus on changing crit damage since that's the root of the problem.
for all you complaining about frost bomb damage, that is pretty much what every mage wanted a change to. Not nerf's to our utility and survivability as bomb deep was the problem. On a good note this will nerf our deep bomb orb iv damage but outside of icy veins you will see mages doing a bit more burst when their orb is up as it shares the same cooldown. This will be the same with all classes with major 2min+ cd's. Less burst more sustained. Seems like a good fix for now without having to mess up skills with stealth nerf's or unwarranted ones as a recent patch just went through.
After reviewing the data and player feedback, we remain concerned that on-demand burst damage remains too high in PvP. After investigation, we determined that the on-use PvP trinkets are a major contributor to extremely high burst output. As a consequence, in the near future we will be applying hotfixes to smooth out the damage provided by these PvP trinkets. In the case of the Gladiator's Badges this means cutting the amount of primary stat or PvP Power provided, but also cutting their cooldown in half. For the Kor'kron and SI:7 manuals, the cooldown of those trinkets will remain unchanged, but the amount of stats provided will be reduced and the duration of the buff will be increased. The overall damage provided by these trinkets should not be affected; only the burst they are capable of providing.

For example: The Dreadful Gladiator’s Badge of Victory will shortly provide 2553 Strength once every minute, instead of 5105 Strength every 2 minutes. Please note that due to limitations in hotfix technology, the item tooltips and buffs will still incorrectly display the original stat value of 5105.

These are the trinkets that are currently slated for adjustment:

Dreadful Gladiator's Badge of Conquest
Dreadful Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
Dreadful Gladiator's Badge of Victory
Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Conquest
Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
Malevolent Gladiator's Badge of Victory
SI:7 Operative's Manual
Kor'kron Book of Hurting

We are aware of the possibility that certain PvE trinkets could become more attractive for PvP in the wake of these hotfixes. While that is somewhat unlikely given that adopting those items would represent a significant loss of PvP Power and Resilience, we will nonetheless keep a close eye on the situation and make adjustments to the appropriate items if necessary. It is also possible that it could become too difficult to land reasonably consistent kills in PvP. If that proves to be the case, then we currently plan to increase the effects of the Battle Fatigue healing debuff to compensate, which is an adjustment that we’ve been considering for some time. On the other hand, if burst damage remains too high after these changes, we are prepared to take additional steps as needed.

It's a start. Now if you would look at class CDs too, we'll be golden.
Too many people on here wanting specific abilities to be nerfed. Some examples are frost bomb, chaos bolt, etc.

History shows us Blizzard will most likely not do that because it would affect the dps those classes do in PvE.

So they will look at all other options that will only affect PvP before nerfing the damage of abilities across the board. I guess they figure the best place to start is the pvp trinkets.

What would really help is if you could have abilities act differently in pve and pvp. A few abilities already do that like Colossus Smash and others but Blizzard is very reluctant to do that across the board.
Blizz just went full retard...

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