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Pet Battles
So I've been successfully able to kill the legendary tamers within about five tries each. But today for some reason, the earth spirit's ability has stunned EVERY time. I have to sit there for about three turns before I can attack once to defend myself. :\ Either make the pet not have a 100% stun at the beginning, and then keep the RNG stun move, or take out the 100% rng attack that always stuns me turn after turn. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little distressed about this. After almost throwing my headphones across the room (which are already almost broken thanks to my cat) I had to literally get off WoW I was so frustrated. Anyways, TL:DR Blizzard, please take someone's advice and fix this, it really is an issue. Did they hotfix buff the legendary tamers or something? Because I have about ten friends on realID who have also come to me with this issue...
I haven't had any issues with him :/ Maybe try a different setup? I always use my flayer to reflect his stun.
you can avoid those stuns >.>
get a rare beetle, faster, critter passive. the stun move is first. Use swarm, stun interrupts it, beetle is now faster and has 2x damage buff. use flank, takes 3 turns to kill and takes the beetle to about half HP.

Ooze pet, use hiss and then swarm, slowing/debuffing to 2x damage. beetle dies, rare spider kills ooze in two turns, takes the rat to 60%, third pet kills it. I use third pet level 23-24 to level off the experience.

Critters are your friend, reduced damage from elemental attacks to begin with, and reduced stun duration, in fact if your critter is faster stun won't affect you at all.

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