Is monk worth the character slot?

hey guys, i just got mop like a week ago and i am considering making a monk. now, i have to sacrifice a character slot for it, and all i have left is my 30 shaman.

it sucks to ask because i'd rather experience myself, but like i said i need to delete a character in order to do so, but how are monks? are they complex? are they incredibly rewarding?

i want to heal mostly, but also try the dps spec. i'd love to hear the thoughts from other monks before i decide to delete my shaman.
Despite its underpoweredness at 90, I still find it to be a fun class. Fun enough for me to keep it as a sub-main, anyway. A 30 shaman isn't much to give up, so why not go for it?
They are fun and frustrating at the same time. Mostly because Blizzard is messing with balance since they are new.

However if you want to do pvp then monk is not a good choice right now. There are plans to change monks in 5.2 but we have no idea what those changes might be.
WW is one of the few DPS specs I truly enjoy. It feels very fluid and active. If I had to delete another character to keep the monk, I would. Tried a lot of other melee DPS and none of them feel quite as well-rounded. But that is me, and it's all about play style. Monk fits the bill for me. May or may not for you.
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Despite its underpoweredness at 90

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Despite its underpoweredness at 90


I guess I forgot to include the "in pvp" caveat. They're as good as any other class if your target is just another internet dragon, to be slain for internet loots with the help of 9 or 24 friends/guildpeople/randoms.
I hope you know you can have 11 characters now. If you have 11, just delete the double class.
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I hope you know you can have 11 characters now. If you have 11, just delete the double class.

or you know since practically the entire game is Xserver now (apart from non LFR raids) just make one on a different server :P
I think that questing/dungeons WW is kind of fun. PvP WW gives me a rectal prolapse every time. Overall I am slightly disappointed. I was hoping that the dps monk would make me feel like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. I feel like Daniel from the Karate Kid.

I should note that I haven't tried healing yet. Tanking is kind of cool as well. I have yet to buy mop so I can't comment on 90.
You should have gotten an additional character slot with Mists, providing you with 1 for each class.
I suggest you create a monk on a different server up to level 10. If you're still not convinced, carry on. If you are convinced, delete your level 30 ;) Unless, of course, you figured out that you might have that extra character slot everybody's been raving about :D
I'm leveling a brewmaster atm, in outlands right now. I've tanked on every tank class, and brewmaster has been the most fun I've had tanking so far. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

But as the above poster said, make a monk on another server and test it out, not a bad idea.
If you want to pvp


If you want to pve


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