LFM 2100+ RBGS Lead by HotH

Hey guys i'm Psy, i've been leading rbg's since cata, but i've been playing since release. I have HotH and HotA experience in RBG's. I've recently pugged my way up to 2100 this season and now i'm looking for some core players. If anyone is interested please leave your comments below. I'm shooting for times around US West Coast starting 3:00AM-4AM. I understand the times may be a bit challenging so I am willing to make some adjustments to the schedule. An exemplary format would be as follows.

Spec: Holy
Availability: Anytime
Experience: Arena 2.2k/RBG 2.4k
That time is so gross! I play rsham, rdruid, and disc this season. Lemme know if you need any of them:

2300xp as disc
2200xp as rdruid
1900xp as rsham
2350 XP

DK: 1900 CR
Mage: 1940 CR
Prot war: 2k CR

How do I pug 2300
Prot War FC
Frost Mage

Holy Paladin
Holy Pally
1800 CR
1900 Exp
Hpally - 1800 cr
Arms warrior with t2 weapon 2x upgrade- 2235 cr
Frost Mage - 2100 cr t1 weapon 2x upgrade can buy t2 but haven't capped this week.

Among these characters I have a lot of real Id friends with several seasons 2k+ experience that would be interested. I am currently looking for a more consistent 10 players instead of 5+ new ppl each week.
My battle tag is: Digital#1433
BM/surv hunter. 1840cr

LF a committed team looking for an actual high rating push. T1 with almost all malev gear.
Would love to push as high as we can over 2k.

I am available all the time and can play as long as needed.

Spec: Resto Druid
Availability: Whenever
Experience: 2200 in 3s as resto shaman on this account I made in ruthless season for RAF. Multi ex-glad, HoTH, 2700 resto shaman on my main account. I've also played every healer besides monk and pally at 2300+, although I've played hpally at 2200.

This is also a pretty fresh alt, so I have 0 CR and I will be gearing up in full dreadful in the upcoming days. I know that's kind of bad for this late in the season but my experience will definitely make up for it and if you disagree then I have no problem being replaced. If you're interested in someone with more gear, I'll possibly be interested in coming on my shaman. Either way hit me up.

I also know an ex season 2 glad rogue that would be interested in coming on his mage at those times.

Keep the responses coming guys. I appreciate all of them. Will be getting back to all of you soon. Thanks! :)

Spec: Affliction
Availability: Anytime
Experience: 1800 arena, 1700 rated

My server is basically pvp dead and so it's been hard to find a stable rbg or arena team for years. I am skilled enough for 2k+ imo, but have never had the opportunity to push that. My lock has about 59% res, 54% power, 50% mastery and 17k SP non buffed.
Spec: Arms
Availability: All days but would prefer a start time later than the 7EST you have listed.
Experience: 1900 2s arena

Primary: resto
Secondary: Boomy
XP 2.1k
CR 1800s
Able to play every day just need core group
Post your btag
do people even use holy paladins for rbgs anymore? like damn!
2.2kexp 2010CR hpally lf 2k+ RBG team
Battle tag Axelity#1892
Spec: Resto
Availability: most days/ talk with me
Experience: Arena 2500 season 10 glad
RBG 2300


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