Not new just bored with warrior.

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So I have played a hunter all through BC and Wrath. After focus change I ended up hating the class. So I make a warrior which I had wanted ever since watching my friend play his back in AQ. I got it to 80 something before quitting the game for the entirety of cata.

I come back and instantly know that the warrior is going to be my main, hands down. I start to level him and while the changes were cool at first I began to realize something: Warriors IMO are nowhere near as active, engaging, or fun as they used to be. No more stance dancing, no more double dipping in trees for certain abilities. rage mechanics have been dumbed down. Honestly, the class just sin't fun for me anymore.

So my question or you is, what class has complexity along with versatility?
The only classes that are ruled out for me are lock, mage, and rogue because my good friends irl play them.
Every player will answer something different. Play whatever you want, dabble on alts, or use the class/alt questionnaire if you want more specific help on picking a class:
...what class has complexity along with versatility?

I'll offer death knight and Feral druid for a starting point.
I definitely second the recommendation of feral druid. (My DK isn't far along enough to say much on that subject.)

I'd also like to add monk as an option. I'm not super sure about the DPS spec, but monk tanking is super complex, from what I hear, and the monk healing spec involves keeping up a lot of self-buffs through melee damage in addition to healing. It might be what you're looking for.
I want to say don't heal as a monk, if only for the fact that they have the worst healing sound for one of their spells in the entire game, hands down. I don't know the name of it, I think chi wave or something, but it sounds like a whining dog, which i absolutely can not stand for one second. I have dogs and hear that crap all the time so it's annoying hearing the exact same thing in a game I enjoy. Perhaps I'm biased, but once you hear it, you can't unhear it.
Roll Monk! I Have 7 85s and 3 81-84s. I quit WoW 10months ago because I was bored with the classes. I came back 2 weeks ago and didn't touch my other char's. I leveled this guy up and haven't been a dull moment yet. I hear Brewmaster tanking is engaging/hard, idk I haven't tried it yet.

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