Is it worth getting a Wii

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Just to play SSBB, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword? With the Wii U out I thought that the price of a Wii would drop.
I can tell you from experience, no. If you add Xenoblade in there though, maybe. Xenoblade is a really good game. But even with that, it's still hard to say yes, cause as much as I love Xenoblade, I still really regret buying a Wii.
Those three games alone are a good enough reason to pick up a Wii, though be sure to pick up Mario Galaxy 2 while you're at it, a lot of people hold the opinion that it's the greatest platformer ever made (or one of). It just depends how much you want to play them though.

The Wii as a whole had a huge ton of shovelware with only a few amazing gems, but since you're buying one at the end of its lifecycle and the few great games are already available (no huge space of time waiting for them to be released!) it's worth it and you'll get a ton of enjoyment out of them.
for 3 games no? and that's coming from a diehard nintendo fan. No console is worth getting for just 3 games

but like Riviera said, add Xenoblade to the list, and also add DKC:returns, Mario galaxy 1 and 2, metroid prime trilogy(if you can find the trilogy, if not settle for just prime 3) and a couple of other of Nintendo's first party games and its a most definite yes.

People like to try and bash nintendo because they've never been about pumping out high end graphics(for game consoles anyhow, i realize most game console's can't compare to custom built gaming pc's) , or that they don't have any seriously violent and "mature"(if you can even claim half these games people are praising all the time are "mature" in the first place) games...

but Nintendo still focuses on one thing that a lot of people in gaming have forgotten about anymore, and that's gameplay. Nearly all of nintendo's main franchise games are still just as fun and unique as they were in the SNES NES and N64 days(and if its a challenge you're looking for then dkc:retuns will definitely have you covered there). You don't need blood and gore and "mature" themes for a game to still be fun.
/end rant

ANYHOW....yes if you get the games i listed above as well a few other of the first party games from nintendo, than yes, the wii will be worth it.
Thanks for the advice. As I already have a second PS3, I wasn't that inclined to get a third console. Will check out the other titles too. Always did like the Wii, and I've never prioritised graphics as a check point when it comes to games anyway.
there are plenty of other games to think about too..

Many of nintendos' first party games are pretty easy to tell which ones are worth getting...

Some of the 3rd party games however....while there are a few good ones on wii, you gotta know how to spot the shovelware and mediocre 3rd party games over the good ones.

Ask around on some nintendo forums on what are some of the must have games on wii, Check IGN's wii lobby(the forums for the wii on ign) the folks there are actually doing the 100 must have wii games as voted by the board users there, and the list is actually pretty accurate, so it'll tell you just which games you should probably check out.
I'd just get a Wii U since it's backwards compatible, unless you really don't feel like spending that kind of money. All the games Bruderen mentioned, plus the 3 you want are more than enough reason to buy a Wii though.
Monster Hunter Tri is another excellent Wii game, unless you can't play a game without a target lock-on feature >.>

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