New build mother board NIC issue

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I did a budget build for a friend and used an MSI B75MA-E33 as the motherboard with windows 8. We had problems with the NIC in the motherboard working properly. It would cause his SMC8014WG gateway to keep resetting. I flashed the bios the mobo to 7808v12 which is the latest and updated the NIC driver to realtek 8.3.730.2012. It was still having the same issue. I took the computer to my house and it had no problem with my cisco dpc3825 gateway and worked just fine. He took his computer home and it just worked with his SMC gateway. Now 3 days later, windows 8 did an automatic update and he is having the same problem. Any ideas? Possible shortting issue?
First and simplest step, change the cable.
You already isolated the problem. I'd say a configuration problem with his gateway is causing this. Consider doing a factory reset on the gateway.

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