02/19/2013 10:47 AMPosted by Saramaria
Are you planning on making adjust ments to your blacksmithing kits with the changes in 5.2?

I might, haven't decided yet. I'll have to see when the patch hits.
It sure would make the kit a lot easier to gather though!
If you do plan on it ill be interested in a kit for blacksmithing, for another proffession Ill get back to you :)
02/19/2013 11:48 AMPosted by Rokutaro
I'll take a LW and Inscription kit. battletag invite sent

any idea when these kits will be ready?
I'm currently in the process of moving so there's going to be a small delay with the kits; but I haven't forgotten about them!
Wow I just got slammed with another 12 kits to make! lol
I'm going to put a temporary halt on orders right now with everything going on IRL and with trying to get all these kits finished!
Back to selling kits yet?!
Very interested in your Enchanting kit when you are back up and running.
I think he might be done. I had his battlenet name on my friends list a few days before his 2/24 post and as of sometime last week I noticed he removed himself from my friends list. I also messaged him on his website and haven't heard back.
Let me know when u are back making kits, Enchanting kits really needed here
12/08/2012 11:33 AMPosted by Liax
I just bought the 1-600 Inscription service and its GREAT!!! .

Well that was dumb. Inscription kits are extremely over-rated. Come the end of DMF you'll see all the MoP herbs hit lows again. Could probably power level it from 1-600 for less than half of the kit price.

These kits have their place, which is for rich people who need a maxed profession fast, but inscription is not one of them. I power-leveled 3 inscriptions to 525 before MoP with about 10k. It took about 650 ink to go from 1-525 in cata, so I'd imagine 800 or so would do the trick for you now. Due to the simplicity and cheapness of inscription leveling it might as well be a scam. All this kit is doing is saving you the time of trading ink.

If you want to lvl inscription yourself, that is fine. A scam would be if no work was put into it from the sellers side, and/or if the buyer did not get their product from their purchase. If someone is willing to pay someone else to put the work into if for them, that is their choice, and nothing wrong with it.
I am interested in Alch kit, I added you to friends on Horde battle tag
I am interested in the Engineering one if you could get hold of me on Dooney#1507 i would appreciate it. i have added you to fl but haven't seen you on as of yet.
WTB Engineering kit. Add you to realid, but maybe this is faster.
Once you're caught up on orders, i'd like to be on the waitlist for an Alchemy Kit.
Btag: Jestes#1695
I'm looking to buy a Alchemy/Enchanting kit. Add me at Uchiro#1344
Can anyone confirm this service is still active?
it isn't

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