25H Mistweaver Streaming: these mana nerfs :<


lol jk still having fun with mistweaver pile in and watch me do things.

We're progressing on heroic protectors.
..oh.. well.. we called it early.
you always stream mist?
I try to stream as often as I can. I'll be streaming Sunday's raid for certain!
Bamp. streaming.
omw for a few min before our raid starts!
up now.
I was going to watch your stream.
But apparently it's down.
Then I realized (at least my) servers are down.
yeah. we raid from 6 CST to 11 CST. Just in case.
So like 7-12 est?
What days?
I might eavesdrop the first hour if I remember xD
Sunday-Thursday generally. That's been a bit spotty from time to time just with some unfortunate absences with finals and holidays and family emergencies and stuff.

I don't always stream, also. Just when I'm in the mood. I'll post in this thread any time I do though.
Which should be tonight, riiiggghhttt :P
Depends on what we're raiding! Maybe.
You should totally stream H MGV. Clear that farm content yeaahhh.
Find new ways to wipe on farm content**

A raid night is not complete without finding a way to wipe on something you've killed a ton.
whoops spark killed half the ranged group Gee Gee.

Whoops tank mistaunt, SG's blow up raid Gee Gee. (JK Disc priest spirit shell absorbs it all.)

Going up prior to raid. not really doing anything until 6 CST \ 7 EST.
Hey Mist I was wondering what you're using to display the timers and count on your Renewing Mist icon?
with the amount you jump back and forth between windows, i would look into dxtory. only records your wow client and usually produces better quality than screen region... couch*cracked version available*cough

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