BGR Protecting the K Wilds Since 5.1

LFM PVPER'S to put the horde in there place under our feet. O where doing it anyway keep PVEing Alliance we got it covered : )

Your place should be in a classroom.
That is the worst sentence structure I've seen since Elementary school. OP slipped through the cracks, poor fella.

As a side note: the guild has 316 members and they do not have enough players interested in K Winds PVP? o.O
Yep your right in a classroom schooling horde on how to PVP : )
natana do you think you could stream sometime? i'd love to watch and learn. I also love your frost spec, pretty interesting you play with invocation and ice floes.

maybe you could compose a guide for us in the spare time?
Lol Rawkit, that just made my Monday.

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