[H] <South Sea Buccaneers> LF1M DPS!

South Sea Buccaneers is LF1M DPS to fill our 10-man ranks. SSB is a three year old, level 25, 10 man guild that aims to be a tight-knit group of friends that raids on a casual schedule, but is very effective during the hours that we raid together. We are currently 6/6 in Normal MSV and 2/6 in Normal HoF. If you are an exceptional and mature player that is interested in progressing in this environment, then we could be a fit for you. I encourage you to join us for an upcoming raid and see if we might be a match.

Raid times are 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

While we tend to actually believe in "bring the player, not the class" - we feel that having a player match with the guild culture is more important than having a perfect composition - there are still class/role combos that will work best with what we currently have. Currently, the best matches (in order of desirability) are: Hunter (must use pet that provides ranged/melee haste buff), Enhancement Shaman, Rogue, or Frost Death Knight. While those matches are the best, we will consider exceptional players that fit in regardless of class/spec.

In addition, as with any small guild, we have occasional absences and would love to have either a solid friends list full of reliable back ups, or actual back up raiders within our roster. We would love to have you!

If interested, please reply to this thread or send me an in-game mail. Thanks for your time!
Join our awesomeness.
Thank you for all the whispers and in-game mails regarding the open slot. We have found an excellent raider to fill it, so are no longer recruiting for a core spot. However, we'd still love to have you as a backup, as absences are a constant plague. Let me know in this thread or via in-game mail or whisper if you are interested in raiding with us!

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