WTS Level 25 Guild - 65k FIRM!

Selling 25 Guild - 1680 Achv Points - 7 Bank Tabs, Dark Phoenix Mount/Pet, Legendary Pet, Armadillo Pet, a few members -All BOA's unlocked including Legs!

I am GM of Exist, if I'm not on, someone will let me know when I do come on.

Guild for Sale is on an alt and not the one I am currently in on this character.

My alt is holding it, and it's not the guild I am in. Thanks!
How much are you looking for, minimum?

If the cost to buy your Lv25 guild is LESS than the cost of me buying 5 more tabs on my bank alt, I'd be interested in buying it.
You will never buy a 25 guild equivalent to the cost of bank tabs...and I'm taking offers.
Which character are you on? Or contact me in game
Still for sale - 65k FIRM - I want to get rid of this! PST me in game.

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