Help with heroic raiding brewmaster, Please!

Hey there fellow monks!

I am in a bit of a pinch with where my stat weights are going on my character. Earlier today i checked out and said my gemming/reforging was up to par. I was pretty much jsut going for my 7.50% hit and expertise cap then getting my haste up and mastery where the piece of gear already had haste. Mind you, up until this point, it has gotten me through 16/16 bosses on normal.

This evening I cleared first 3 bosses in H MSV, then went and killed Empress on normal. Got new shoulders. Was all happy and all. But the problem now I have run into is, is now telling me to go get my hit/exp caps and then get stam for gems and enchants (except weapon enchants, still telling me dancing steel or whatever).

I know some of you will probably say "OMG NEWB ASKMRROBOT SUCKS" but it has never steered me in the wrong direction before and I don't know if it's because I've hit certain haste caps or something, or that since I've started heroics. I have gone through different websites videos and stuff and most say that the old stat priority is correct, but some show stamina is higher up.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
The only time you should go for stam before another secondary is when you are not surviving basic mechanics long enough for your healers to get to you. If that is not a problem in your raid, go back to your old stat priority and ignore the silly website.
Stamina is a poor choice for Monks on every fight but Lei Shi.
Brewmaster Monk's defenses scale considerably better with offensive stats than defensive stats.
You shouldn't be trying to pick up dodge or parry rating anywhere, you have only 5000 haste and you are using Healing Elixirs.
I looked up some of your logs, and your Shuffle uptime is abysmal, which has left you with an average avoidance far below what it should be. Gear is not your biggest concern right now.

Download an addon to track your Shuffle uptime (I recommend Weakauras) and spend several days running 5 mans and LFR and aiming for 100% uptime on Shuffle.
Appreciate the feedback. to comment on llarold though.

I am in no way having trouble staying alive. I am well aware of what I am doing. I was just questioning if stat priorities change for heroics or not. I have received my answer and appreciate the input.
those two were a big help to me
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