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Wyrmrest Accord
Though I have been browsing the various RP server forums toward the goal mentioned in this thread title, I am also seeking recommendation from the posters of this realm specifically.

I don't care if the guild is a clan, a war band, all Orc or merely Orcish in its themes. The longer the guild has been around, the better, as I have grown tired of the unstable Orc guilds that flare up for brief moments only to fade away due to inactivity or the unassailable demons of real life. Lore adherence in the guild's themes and among members would be excellent. And some decent level of activity, if not roster size, would also be a significant plus, though I can handle a smaller roster if activity isn't sparse.

If you've seen or have had experience role playing with a guild that matches my criteria, please reply and let me know. Thanks! In the meantime, I will plunge into the depths of WRA's many forum pages...
While the KMG here is not a strictly orcish guild, it is led by an orc! Said orc is also a bit of a fanatic and is going to be asserting his 'orcish' values on the people in the guild throughout the current guild storyline (which is rather linked to the events of the expansion).

Said orc, who may or may not be me, is also looking for more recruits.

Edit: If not the glorious KMG, there's also the Ironfang, Korkron Loyalists (though I don't believe they're recruiting atm) and a few other lesser known to me guilds out there that are predominantly orc-based.
I know the Sons of the Horde are lead by an Orc, Tharosh. I've seen mostly orcs in his guild as well.
Ghostwolf Clan is an all orc rp guild, we are small but active, just give me a whisper or check out for more details.

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