Legacy of Korune

This quest seems bugged.

The Battle with the mob that i assume drops the final artifact will do his choke hold on my two companions and then just despawn leaving them gripped in the strangulate animation. There si no artifact that spawns for me to loot.

I can't figure out a solution as I've dropped the quest numerous times to the same result.
I'm getting the same thing. I was in a party with a freind, and once I got Shan kian (?) to 1 hp and he does his sha grasp on my Blood elf minions, he phases out for me and my minions just stay strangled until i leave the area. Have done this 3 times. restarted wow before the final attempt, now going to clear cache and see what that does, will update if it changes anything.

EDIT: deleted temporary files as recomended. here

Same issue still happening.
He's doesn't drop the last item, you must find it further down the hill. After returning to Lor'themar you get a quest to capture the guy you guys are trying to kill.

thanks memnon perfect answer

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