10 man daytime raiding opportunities

Hey folks just wanting to get a feel for what kind of group we can generate on a consistent weekly basis for 10 man daytime raiding say Tuesdays(non hamster resting days) and Wednesdays say like a 9am to 12pm-1pm.

We will obviously get started on MSV and quickly work our way up. Looking for serious individuals who can commit to making it on a consistent basis. If you are interested respond back here or pst me/mail me in game.

Currently seeking all classes/specs at this time and the criteria is simple, show up, kill !@#$, make money, and go on about your business.

Happy raiding!
I'd be interested in this. Which time zone are those times at?
I'm interested as well. This fits me well as I work nights. I'm currently in 484 gear fully gemmed / enchanted. Please let me know if you would be interested in a warrior. I also have a few alts for profession support. (Enchanting, inscription, alchemy, tailoring, blacksmith, engineering).
After a long, long period of fickleness about which classes I like, I've decided on resto druid, bear, and shadowpriest. My resto set is my highest at 474, though I should be able to get another valor piece soon.
Hit me up in game and these times would be EST times 9am-12 1pm end time for Tuesday and WEdnesday. I'll friend ya both and we'll get into it.
Id be interested. As i work overnights and have been looking for a day time raiding team. battletag is jaetandewae#1187

BTW im resto/dedicated- havent dps'd on this since ICC.
sounds like so far we got plenty of interest just need some more. LF tanks and heals at this point. Hadae are you planning on moving your toon over?
Interested. Shadow/disc have 6/6 MSV exp and 3/6 HOF.
Sometimes on Tuesdays maintenance takes a while and at times servers go back up as late as 4-6 p.m. at times.
Bumping this thread.
Just fyi, you wont be able to raid on tuesdays because of weekly maintaince
bump and waiting on some of ya'll to hit me up in game so we can make this happen

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