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Hey guys, I raid weekly with my guild and we're having some issues with my DPS basically not being as good as it needs to be. I've seen other people complaining about it, and some people saying that they don't see why they're complaining.
can you guys tell me what you're doing if you're getting good dps out of your ret?
What glyphs are you guys using? Talents etc.
If you saw an issue w/ your dps how did you fix it?
You're under hit cap, over expertise cap, and gemming haste long before you should. You're also not using Serpent's Eyes, which is hurting you. None of that is the biggest detriment to your DPS, however; it's your weapon. Try farming SM or SH for the sword from Whitemane or the mace from Koegler as I think they're the superior dungeon items...Or maybe the axe off Harlan from SH? Don't recall that one well off top of my head.

Harsh Words is not a very useful glyph - but, then, Ret kinda got shafted on glyphs. I like the Divine Protection glyph, personally. Double Jeopardy can be powerful if used appropriately.
Yeah I should have waited to post, just got a new waist and just got tier legs. I use ask Mr Robot for reforging and everything, and it sometimes puts me a little under the cap, guess I shouldn't rely on it so much. And I'll def look into the weapons. I was gonig to replace harsh words w/ Double Jeopardy.
Been in an intense skype call picking my crap apart for the past half hour.
Thanks for your feedback :)
12/06/2012 09:40 PMPosted by Baila
If you saw an issue w/ your dps how did you fix it?

I did 60k dps on garalon last week. Just killed him again tonight and did 75k dps, The only thing that changed was my gear, got uber lucky in lfr this week. Hang in there, you get better with gear!
12/06/2012 10:00 PMPosted by Baila
I use ask Mr Robot

Stop that. The Robot is bad. Get ReforgeLite addon.
Yeah our set bonus' are pretty badass. Looking forward to this 2 set, it'll help. That's been part of my problem, I have awful luck w/ drops. I've done 12 bosses so far this week in lfr and gotten 1 drop. :(
Lol will do :)
Lets talk numbers.

What is your damage now and what do you think it should be?
Did ten, m'self, and only got four Sigils of Wisdom - still one off from gemming my stupid axe. RNG is RNG, just gotta wait out the loot drought.
If I'm just beating on something it's average 45-50k, if I'm running all around like I have to in most of the raid, it's only 30-35k. Just did the first fight in the new lfr and I pulled 45k. My burst is about 90kish usually at the beginning of a fight.
I feel like I should be around 60k for a fight.
Gear drought is a good way to put it.
SimCraft says about 62k, Patchwerk, current gear, so 45k sounds about right. And, yes, you probably can and should be doing more.

Referring back to SimC, the gear in which you're logged gives the following weights for use with ReforgeLite:
Exp 69
Hit 78
Haste 44
Crit 28
Mastery 28

What this means, basically, is that you need to be gemming strength for the time being - but, with Serpetn's Eyes, always use the Bold, never the Quick. ReforgeLite will adjust your stats accordingly to ensure that you're capped for hit and expertise with as little wasted ratings as mathematically possible.
Mmkay. I downloaded the add on, just haven't had a chance to put it on yet, in an lfr.
SimCraft working again grog?

I can't say I would call those numbers "about right" though. 30-35k definitely has room for improvement.

also sub 100k burst sounds low too. I'm not sure how much of that is a gear issue and will be fixed very soon, but it sounds like the rotation might be a bit off. What have you been following?

and to be clear, these numbers were taken from a raid?

Try to get the DMF trinket if you can. Two on-use trinkets dont work well together. There's no synergy
Yeah, Arte, they got a new version out yesterday, I think it was - had enough complaints about the broken Pally module they decided to push it through. LOL And, in case you didn't know, they do have support for the new upgrade system - have to add "upgrade=(0/1/2)" somwhere in the string for the item(s) that you've upgraded.

And the numbers are about right when taking into account movement, lack of caps, improper gearing, lack of several gems, etc. It's not "good" by any means, really, but we're working on it. A bad string of misses during burst can account for a lot of that.

12/06/2012 10:33 PMPosted by Arte
Try to get the DMF trinket if you can. Two on-use trinkets dont work well together. There's no synergy

Holy crap, didn't even see that - what the hell is that second trink? Never heard of it. LOL
I'm following a collective of everything I've been able to find on rotations, I think that my rotation is pretty good. I have an add on for it as well. The numbers I posted above were an estimation from my raid that I did tonight. Since then I've gotten some more gear though.. gotten 3 pieces since then.
Lol @ 2 tier pieces in one night.
Grats on the loot!

I didn't think reforging and a few gems would change dps so much; I still find it hard to believe, but I'll take your word for it.

Have you tried using Long arm of the Law instead of Pursuit of justice? I find that the sprint is more helpful on most fights like will, elegon, feng etc.

But seriously, a proc trinket, especially the DMF one (faire on sunday) would be much better.
12/06/2012 10:47 PMPosted by Arte
I didn't think reforging and a few gems would change dps so much; I still find it hard to believe, but I'll take your word for it.

Well, think about it. In your gear you're popping - what? - 120k TV crits with CDs rolling? Now, what happens when you're roughly 2% under hit cap (as the OP is, just for reference's sake) and the RNG overlords decide to spit on you and half the TVs you pop during Wings miss, and the other half don't crit; fuzzy math not taking into account DP procs, you get about 5 TVs per Wings, so that's two at roughly 60k apiece and the other three miss completely. And that's just a finisher - missing a generator, or having it get dodged/parried, means you lose out on Holy Power, making it harder to proc DP in the first place.

With gemming, though, the haste vs. strength thing is twitchy and can vary wildly depending on gear. The difference at Baila's level of gear, though, is a lot stronger than you or I would see from gemming incorrectly. A lot of that has to do with weapon, though, too.

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