<afk fapping> 10/16 10m recruiting tank/mage

<afk fapping> 10/16 normal 10m recruiting a tank and a mage. we usually raid tues/sunday/mon from 7pm-11pm. our MT has vanished, so we need to fill his slot. Mail me ingame or reply to this post if interested.

don't care about your ilvl, we'll get you geared as long as you're not bad.

12/12/12: 6/6 MV 6/6 HoF 1/4 ToES. Recruiting a mage/rogue.
please, think of the pandas
Hello, 484 ilvl prot paladin/ Os 472 ret/ i am currently on vashj but plan to come to this server on friday. Seeing as it is a dead server i am 6/6 Msv and 1/6 Hof. Feel free to wowheroes.com me. Thank you for your time, and looking forward to hearing from you.

sounds good. we're doing HoF Sunday, if you're on sargeras by then we can bring you along and talk from there. Just send me an in-game mail or whisper me when you get on Sarg, i'm on quite a bit. thanks for your interest!
My realID is plunk#1886
I can come dps. 487 mage.
@finklebomb we're doing amber shaper+ tomorrow at 6:30pm, let me know if you're interested.

still recruiting a tank and a mage. 6/6 mv 4/6 hof, hopefully killing amber shaper and perhaps empress tomorrow night, and getting into ToES after the reset.
Now 6/6 MV 5/6 HoF.

Recruiting a tank, preferably a prot paladin.
Still recruiting a tank and a good DPS - mage/rogue. 11/16, working on empress tomorrow!
*Bumpity bump bump*
iLvl 483 and counting Paladin Tank looking for a raiding slot.

My experience stems on multiple toons.

Vanilla-Warlock for AQ20/40, ZG/ZA, MC

BC-Warlock Kara-Arena/BG-I deployed in the middle so I missed a lot.

Wraith-DK Tank-Naxx
Disc Priest-Ulduar, 2k+ two's in arena
Enh Shaman-ICC 10/12 Heroic 10man, 2k+ Two's and three's arena

Holy Paladin-DS 8/8 1 Heroic. 1900+ Arena holy
Frost Mage-1900+ Arena 2's/3's
Afflic Lock-2k+ Arena 2's
Panda-Prot Paladin 4/6 MSV, 1 HoF, Ret Arena(no good teams yet)

Looking for a secure slot for raiding as tank. Revered+ on all VP rep except Landfall.
Pvp weapon in hand upgraded twice.

I am over 18 and do not want to be in a guild with a lot of dumb drama. I am currently serving in the military(so i can listen, do what i'm told, and i'm always early).

All nights are available with the earliest start time being 7 Server time.

I am willing to go alliance or/and to another server.

If you want to hit me up, Rizik#1226
Well, i'm saved to HoF1/6 and MSV this week. But i will defently take the slot if its still available.
Update: Now 13/16 norm. Tank recruitment currently on pause, still recruiting a mage/rogue!

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