2k+ warrior advice?

i want to hit some 2k+ ratings and just wondering if i could get some advice.
less trolling.
more help.
play with a pally and a druid, then win.

Freedom + instant bubble remover + 2 ways to get out of roots + bop + offhealing + massive face busting damage = win

I can't find a good pally on my server at the moment, no one is doing pvp, and I'm undergeared to everything is an uphill battle now

Idk.. Find a good pvp guild, get in with them before season 13, then do rbgs the first week and get 2200 rating for your better wep... That's really the only real way I see of climbing to 2200, unless you're super skilled, and so are your partners.
Veev has some great advice. All of these things are pretty true. Also its a good read.

Warriors can go good with almost any class at the moment, me personally, i played mage/warrior/rdruid. Kittycleave, however is amazing at the moment as said before. Synergy between partners is needed as well as skill, also good gear is very helpful. The more you play the more you know about other classes and what they can do, and how you can get around what they can do

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