way of the fist recruit for group 2

Hello everyone. Way of the fist is recruiting members for a second raiding group. The core group is 16 of 16 and now starting heroic modes. our group 2 is 4 of 16 because of having to pug out our healers and dps. we are trying to fill those spots with reliable members. We are lookin for a Shadow priest with discipline offspec, a restro druid with boomkin offspec or and elemental shaman healing offspec. If your willing to join and your a competent player and do not meet these requirements but are looking to join message me or EmilyRoze anyways.

The raid times for our group are on tuesdays and thursdays and (sundays pending) pst 6 - 9 pm est 9 - 12. check us out at way-of-the-fist.wowstead.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Solid group; I've done a few things with them and they're cool :)

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