484 Prot Pally or 477 Resto Shaman LF Raid

Burning Legion
Hello Im the GM of Benevolent and I have 2 toons that are raid ready. My guild Is working on MV right now but at the moment we are having problems with Normal raiders thats keeping us back. So this week we are done raiding and Im wanting to get in and kill some bosses my exp is 4/6MV and 1/6HF

Prot Pally

Resto Shaman

Im looking for a raid after 7pm. I will check my mail and the forums before 5pm Server.
If you have a solid DPS class that you're interested in raiding with, Advent is currently looking for more good DPS to fill spots in the only 25m raid on the server. If you ARE interested (we raid 8-12 on Tues, Thurs, and Sun), let me know here or contact me ingame!

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