Casual Scum G2 Recruitment

< Casual Scum > has a second hardcore Heroic raid group. Expectations and qualifications are the same across the board. If you are interested in joining either group: talk to the officers listed below, or scroll down for more information.

Contact Information:
Contacts: Raptyrerex, Trucks, Charlieseen, Serious.

Raid days all times CST/Server time:
Group 2: 8-12 Tues Wed Thurs (invites at 7:45pm CST)


The classes/specs listed below are in more urgent need then others. Although your class may not be listed below, all exceptional players with experience and vast knowledge of there respective class are urged to apply.
Group 2 Recruitment

DPS and/or Flex Shaman
DPS Warrior
Flex Priest



- You are expected to bring 120% to each and every raid.
- You are expected to keep up to date with changes to your class & the game.
- You are expected to research the Best in Slot items for your raiding spec.
- You are expected to research encounters and know your role in current raid content.
- You are expected to be correctly talent specced and have appropriate gear itemization.
- You are expected to have the ability to handle criticism and intelligently support/defend your choices & statements.
- You are expected to maintain at least 95% attendance. Attendance is VERY important.
- You are expected to know your utility abilities and be ready to use them at the sacrifice of your personal DPS/Healing.
- Brings Flasks/Consumables and any other relative items required for the fight. Maximizing your class to its fullest potential.
- Working microphone with no communication issues. It is ok if you are shy or not very social, but when you need to speak, we expect you to speak.
- Previous experiences with hard mode content.
- Able to play there class in different roles. Players should be versatile and able to change on the go and be quick thinkers and be able to think for themselves.
- Trial raider process lasts 2 weeks, depending on your play.
- Respect the Officers & Raiders. All decisions made by Guild Leadership are for the best of the Guild & Raid team.

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