[A] <Immaculate Misconception> Recruiting 10M

The Alliance guild, <Immaculate Misconception> of Sargeras is in active recruitment. We are looking for a variety of exceptional players to begin guild ten-man and ten-man heroic Mists of Pandaria raid instance progression.

Currently sought-after classes or roles that need experienced players to fill in the gaps are:

-1 Off-tank, preferably a Death Knight or Monk

-2 Healers, Paladin and Mistweaver preferred, but all applicable classes/specs are encouraged to apply

-1 Ranged DPS, Preferably a Moonkin or Elemental Shaman. No Warlock/Mage openings except for exceptional cases

-1 Melee DPS, preferably an Enhance Shaman. No Warrior positions open except for extraordinary circumstance

**Raid times as of right now are set for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00PM-9:30PM server.**

The founders and leadership of this guild are from varied servers, playing and raiding since Vanilla and BC. We have raid leading experience in all raid content, such as Black Temple farming and Sunwell progression pre-patch 2.4-- back when WoW had its moderately difficult points.

We are still a leveling guild due to recently forming on Sargeras. Currently Level 7, we offer Reputation, Experience, and Mount Speed Perks.

In our free time, we often host x-mog and nostalgia runs of old-world instances and raids, along with achievement runs.

We will provide food, potions, gems, enchants, etc… All that we ask of you is to show up for raids, have some experience (no keyboard turners), and have a good attitude. We are not an ultra-elitist guild, our schedule, in fact, is somewhat casual for raids, but progression is a key and vital ideology that should be a goal when thinking about joining.

**PST Qtpì (i:alt+141), Declaration (GM), or Burrlin with inquiries or for an initiate invite.**
i may be that circumstance :P

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