any warlocks kill yikkan izu in brawlers?

been struggling trying to kill that bird and i see other players kill it with ease. i am just wondering if any other warlock has killed him an if you have how did you do it? i have tried prety much everything i can think of.
summon a voidlord as destruction w/grimiore and its gg
i can try that but the birds always seem to overwhelm me and kill the voidlord prety fast
try using howl of terror, the crows reset its CD pretty quick when you need it

other than that just kite
I think I did this one with soulburn: curse of exhaustion kiting.
did you attack his crows or no? those things hurt and they dont seem to die as fast as they should.
I went demo w/ supremacy grimoire and just burned him down. It killed my wrathguard so I summoned another one, once the second one died I just kited it around. Honestly wasn't terribly hard to do.
From my guide:

21. So he starts with adds up, and the adds are weak. Demonology rejoice. Slap out Corruption and CoE/HoG, then go Meta and blast Immolation Aura. Adds drop, Demonic Fury spikes, and you get a long burst phase. He can kill the Voidlord, but with this burst phase, he will be nearly dead by the time that risks happening.

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