Future of JC Gems - Devs please answer!

This may not be in the correct place but lets see how we go.

Ok so we are all aware of the fact that JC's don't get any PvP Related cuts for serpents eyes at the moment.

While some may say "well other professions don't get pvp related bonuses either" (minus Blacksmithing) the people who pvp with Jewelcrafting know that with other professions you also don't lose PvP Stats to take advantage of your profession bonus.

With the scaling of PvP Resil and the current state of burst in PvP, it appears that we are becoming forced to gem Resil and not gem a main stat. This leaves JC's at quite a loss as our JC only cuts are effectively useless.

I guess my main questions are:

1) Is this being looked at?
2) Is it still worth holding on to JCing for now in the hope that this 'oversight' gets fixed?

I look forward to a reply!
well you are extremely unlikely to get an answer from bliz.

If you care about every edge then I would say you should go ahead and switch now. Even if it is "being looked at" it would probably be 5.2 at the earliest before it was changed.
yeah thinking about switching out of jc.
Synapse Springs also suck even more in pvp since the on-use trinkets are all 1 min now. So im double gimped being a Eng/JC like i have been since TBC.
Guys you're being melodramatic here. You'd swap out jewelcrafting, a useful and expensive to level profession, over small percentage changes to your stats? Lets say you're in fairly decent pvp gear, at a very rough guess swapping out JCing might boost your pvp-resil by 2%. You'd only notice that if you were playing at a very high level.

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