2-Handed Vs. 1-Hand + Offhand

As an affliction warlock I was wondering which would be ideal?
Depends on the weapons in question.
I would probably end up with a wand for main-hand, i don't really know the difference.
i think BiS is a dagger and offhand.
if your MH/OH combo has the exact same stats as a staff, MH/OH wins because you can enchant the OH for extra intel.
What ever is higher ilvl or has better stat allocations is usually better. However in a comparison test if stats and ilvl are the same MH/OH is the best because the enchant to off-hand gives it slightly more intellect that just the staff alone.
As affliction you want Loshan/Tornado
As demo you want Loshan/Tornado
As destro you want Loshan/Tornado

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