People of Darkspear and Beyond!

was fun farming you earlier and yesterday in 3s mony

edit: at like 1800 mmr

WMD is counter to our comp not just that, it was our first night playing it ever. So we're still picking up on some things. No need to worry! We didn't even play you yesterday wtf, all we played were WMD T_T
im higher as a !@#$ing monk
%^-* you and your viable classes
we never played wmd.

also with the 4 different comps we played, you guys never beat us

it was our first night playing it ever.

was ours as well, with 4 different comps

you guys are definitely r1 bound

Lol and you're only so high up because warriors are op as SHlT right now. Removing gag order did nothing and soon they'll realize it. Talk smack on perfect execution!

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