I am new to posting on the forums so forgive me. I've been maining my rogue back since wotlk came out until lately where I rerolled warrior for obvious reasons. I've always enjoyed combat the most between them all. In wotlk, combat rogues were supposed to have 2.6 in main hand and a fast offhand(Lowest I saw was a 1.5 axe 10m drop) and the same in cataclysm. Lately, I've been seeing combat rogues with two slow weapons for both hands. My question is simple. What is the benefits of this other than harder melee hits? and hypothetically more procs from Combat Potency? which I think is bugged.
Both melee hits and combat potency are normalized, the damage you do and the energy you gain over any fixed period of time will be identical regardless of your offhand weapon speed (RNG permitting).

Math: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6397860022?page=2#25

The only difference now is a fast offhand will proc more poisons and a slow offhand will do more killing spree damage, which in practice is roughly equated (with a slow offhand having a minor theoretical edge).

In general you'll just choose the highest ilvl or best itemized offhand you have available to use.

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