Question about the recent hype in bg's

so Ive looked over alot of posts to try to find out what the origional issue was , but cant seem to find anything other than something about an addon called Qque, and some posts about blues saying premades are not acceptable anymore of something to that effect.
could someone tell me what the issue was?
and are they saying that addons such as preform av enabler are against the tos now?
just wondering since ive used it alot in the past and by reading it seems that its basically the same thing as they seem to be talking about as it lets you que up to 40 people in the same av?
thanks for any clarification.
Edit: als0o what exactly does Qque do besides let more than 5 people que for the same bg?
again thanks for any info.
Such addons are shunned upon by Blizz and they do try to disable them. These addons promote unfair play, because 40 coordinated people go up against 40 pug'ers. This results in a one way slaughter. This is their reason. You wont get banned by using these but they are disabling them or trying to make them unusable.

So....trying to queue up with a buncha friends to eliminate bots/and people who wont help you, is bad.
Yes but what does Qque do that enabler does not do as enabler has been ok as an addon for awhile now?
I was under the impression that BOTH are not ok by Blizz.
ya this is from their Abuse and Exploitation policy;

Unapproved Third Party Software
A third party program is any file or program that is not a part of the World of Warcraft software, but is used in addition to the game to gain unfair benefit or advantage.

They have stated over and over that doing a premade vs pug IS an unfair advantage.
12/08/2012 03:36 PMPosted by Fìona
They have stated over and over that doing a premade vs pug IS an unfair advantage.

Another unfair advantage is having a team full of bots and players ignoring objectives but Blizzard seems much less concerned about these issues.

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