Recount variance between players?

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Recently I started LFR-raiding with some friends; we were all playing DPS and comparing our scores against one another via Recount - and our scores didn't seem to agree very often.

Most notably, all scores listed seemed to put the owning player a rank or two above where other people saw him or her. Mine would list me at 3rd or 4th, and another would see me at 6th; I'd see a friend at 15th, when they saw themselves at 10th. I'd see my DPS at 51K, they'd see it at 49.

Is there some limitation to Recount that I'm unaware of that would account for these variances? Because I would like to have an objective count of my and others' DPS, and it seems we're getting some weird wiggles.
Players being spread out is the main cause of the variance. You won't be able to record all the actions of players that are a distance away from you.

The "score" doesn't matter anyway. You need to achieve a minimum output to be of use for an encounter, but there's a lot more to dps than scoring high numbers. Obsessing over "score" leads to tunnel vision and getting in that attack or spellcast before addressing a mechanic.

Recount should be used as a tool to better learn your spell priority, test what works and what doesn't, not feed the ego.
It wasn't so much an ego thing as being worried that my own numbers may not be correct if other people are seeing them differently. I just wanted to know that nothing was, strictly speaking, wrong with my Recount and whether this was a known limitation of the system.

Still, thank you for the information.
Also, a thing that can and does cause variance is your settings.

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