Horde and Alliance dailies

So, me and a few friend were doing the new 5.1 dailies in the Krasarang Wilds, and we have to basically go into their entire base defended by huge groups of alliance. Now I'm not complaining since I am on a PvP server, however the dailies seem to favour the alliance a little more over the horde. At the very least on my server. Thoughts?
It's the same on my server. Unless they did something about it.

As horde I cant even hover above the ground on a flying mount or some gryphon rider 200 yards away dismounts me with a storm bolt, yet the alliance are free to fly around the horde base without a care or so much as any retaliation from horde NPCs.

Blatant alliance favortism.
I am not on a PVP server, but when I fly into the Horde base I am shot at by those antiaircraft guns. I have no idea if these dismount riders as I am in flight form.

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