Profession Discrepancies

Using existing gems in game:

160 Agility, Strength, Intellect
240 Stamina
320 Spirit, Hit, Expertise, Mastery, Critical Strike, Haste, Parry, Dodge, PvP Power, PvP Resilience

So bonuses should have the ratios that 1 base stat for 1.5 stamina and 1 base stat for 2 of a secondary stat, however this is not the case in many professions.

Blacksmithing - 2 Bonus Sockets

640 Secondary Stat + Spirit, 480 Stamina, 320 Base Stat

Engineering - Synapse Springs / Phase Fingers

Tank - 2880 Dodge with 1/6 uptime = 480 Dodge Average.
DPS - 1920 Agility/Strength/Intellect with 1/6 uptime = 320 Stat Average.
Healers - No Spirit Option. Forced to use Intellect like DPS so 320 Intellect Average.

For Tanks there either needs to be a flat 480 Stamina Glove Tinker, or the Dodge on Phase Fingers needs to be increased to 3840 to be on par with the relative values gems indicate.

For Healers there needs to be a a separate On-use Tinker for 3840 Spirit on a 10 second duration and 60 second CD.

For DPS there needs to be an option for an on-use for each secondary stat at 3840, 10 second duration with a 60 second CD.

Before I get into Tailoring, let me point out that there are currently 6 enchants for base stat increases:

200 Stamina to Cloak
200 Spirit to Chest
300 Stamina to Chest
140 Agility to Boots
170 Strength to Gloves
180 Intellect to Cloak

Since the Cloak slot is the only one affected by a profession specific bonus. I am going to base my arguments off of that.

Now, lets look at Agility/Int/Str for the moment.

If you are an Intellect user then you would enchant your cloak with 180 Int and your boots with 140 Mastery and Gloves with 170 Mastery/Haste for a total of 180 base stat and 310 secondary stat.

If you are a Strength user then you would enchant your gloves with 170 strength, your boots with 140 mastery and your cloak with 180 crit. For a total of 170 base stat and 320 secondary stat.

If you are agility user many of which get a passive movement speed increase you would enchant your boots with 140 agility + a possibly useless non-stacking run speed, 180 hit/crit to cloak and 170 mastery/haste to gloves. For a total of 140 base stat, 350 secondary stat.

All of these totals seem to suggest a 1:1 ratio of base to secondary stat that contradicts the ratios of the gems I mentioned at the beginning. In order to fix this I'm going to use Enchant Boots Blurred speed as a gauge that 40 base stat is worth a run speed increase (20 of a secondary stat).

Enchant Gloves Haste/Mastery/Expertise - up to 180.
Enchant Cloak Hit/Crit - Unchanged.
Enchant Boots Hit - up to 180
Enchant Boots Agility (new) - no run speed 180 agility
Enchant Boots Mastery (new) - up to 180 Mastery no run speed
Enchant Boots Blurred Speed - unchanged.
Enchant Boots Panda Step - up to 160 Mastery

As to Spirit to chest 200 spirit versus effectively 80 Intellect and 80 spirit from stats. This is also contradictory. In order to make the ratios right;

Enchant Chest Spirit should be 240. There also needs to be a 360 Spirit to Cloak Enchant added to the game.

As to Stamina to Cloak this enchant should really be a 360 Dodge enchant because of tailoring embroiders taking an enchant slot. Also there needs to be a 270 Stamina enchant to bracers because of Leatherworking. Which I will discuss below.

Tailoring - Embroidery

Tank - No mitigation stat available, 4000 Dodge with 1/4 uptime = 1000 Dodge - 360 (enchant) = 640 Dodge.
Physical DPS - 4000 AP Doesn't scale from both AP and Stat buffs whereas 2000 Int does.
Need to make it choose highest stat then you could combine Agility/Strength/Int into 1 embroidery.
Healer - 3000 Spirit needs to be upped to 4000 to be consistent.

Enchanting - Rings

160 Base Stat and 240 Stamina enchants are fine. Need 320 Spirit Options. Need 320 of each secondary stat options.

Jewelcrafting - Serpents Eyes

Current Base stat gems are fine as are 480 stamina gems. Current secondary stat and spirit gems are only 480 and need to be upped to 640 to be on par. PvP Power and PvP Resilience serpents cuts need to be added into the game.

Alchemy - Mixology / Alchemists Elixir

Mixology and Base stat alchemists elixirs is working fine. Need secondary stat elixir that chooses highest stat, a PvP Power and a PvP resilience alchemists elixir. Only one active at a time.

Scribe - Shoulder Enchants

Base stat working fine. Stamina enchant needs to be upped to 780 to be on par with other profession stamina buffs. Secondary Stat shoulder glyphs need to be added into the game. (i.e 200 Agility 100 crit 640 of x secondary stat).

Leatherworking - Bracer Enchant

Base Stat and Stamina working fine. (750 Stamina - 270 Stamina from my added enchant = 480 Stamina). Secondary Stat bracer enchants need to be added into the game. (i.e 180 Agility + 640 of x secondary stat).
There is one more thing I would like to add in about engineering as it is the only profession that has a use. Currently you cannot use the Glove Tinkers in tandem with a use trinket, this means that during an On-Use trinket duration an engineer gets a - 320 base stat gimp. This has become more of an issue since the PvP On-Use CD change.

One solution aside from just allowing the Engineer Gloves to used with a trinket which could cause burst problems; simply provide an option for a flat 320/640 to gloves for people to use if they are currently equipping a Use trinket.

Most of the above problems have been created in Mists. Secondary Stats are more attractive now, PvP Power has been added to the game, and Blacksmithing has become too much of an advantage for specs with weights that indicate 2 haste > 1 agility for example. And also in PvP with the new stats there.

The only explanation I can see for why there are such grievous mathematical errors or outright non-existent options for many of the professions is just plain laziness on Blizzards part, and/or hastily releasing a game before it was really ready. Maybe they figured if they released it when they did they would make more money in some way and they just have 1000 hotfixes down the road to correct these sorts of obvious oversights. It is the same argument for why 1h weapons were 2500 Conquest and 2h weapons were 3500 Conquest for the first month or so of Mists. But in any event I don't like being a disadvantage until they get around to doing something about it.

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