[H] Outcasts LF 1 healer for core spot

A well established guild of mature players, Outcasts (level 25) is currently recruiting to fill a core spot in its main raid and openly recruiting for its secondary group.

10-man Progression:
6/6 normal MV (with pulls on some heroic bosses)
2/6 normal HoF (5% on Garalon)

We have been raiding 1-2 nights a week with a rotating roster but have assembled a set group to raid 3 nights a week. We just need 1 more dedicated healer to complete our group. We currently have the heal/dps spot covered so a pure healer would be ideal.

Raid times:
Main raid-Tues., Weds., and Thurs from 8pm-11pm server time.
2nd group/alt run- Sun 8-11pm server (not required)

YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR EACH RAID NIGHT. I have a number of people asking to come in for 2 nights a week... this just isn't consistent with our goals as a raid.

What we are looking for?
Main group:
We currently have a shaman and a holy priest.
HOLY PALLY would be the ideal fit with DRUID next best.

Feasts/flasks provided, no raging, really laid back raid with progression in mind.

For more info, contact me (Monkeyclaw), Razu, or Izco in game.
Still need a HPally?

I am a pure raid healer and your raiding schedule sounds perfect.

I have good raid progression thru the expansions.

Currently on Executus but recently created a couple of characters on Stormreaver and like the server so I would consider transferring.

Characters on Stormreaver are Surely and Especially if you would like to contact me.
Thanks for your interest. This is an older recruitment post and unfortunately we just filled the hPally spot. Thanks again.

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