Dragon's backstory Part 2

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this is not a serious rp thread

or a really serious backstory thread

i do not plan to use any ideas anybody comes up with in this thread for rp purposes on any of my toons

this thread is just for fun


I have multiple characters all with the pre "dragon"

as i'm sure you guys on this forum have noticed

Now i have never intended any of my dragon characters for roleplay in the slightest

but i'm curious, what can you guys come up with for a backstory for my toons

but here's the catch, the only thing you have to go by is the names

the shaman, dragonson
priest, dragonheals
druid, dragondruid
and warlock ,dragonlock

all male except dragonheals

i invite you to be as lorebreaking, mary sue, special snowflakey, and as crazy as you possibly can to create some kind of backstory for my toons just based on those names

(the reason for the "part 2" is because i tried this before, but when this particular forum was slow pre-mists)
Dragonlock is a surviving Black dragon drake, having been on Outland at the time of Deathwing's coming and his brood's massacre. He returns to Azeroth after the cataclysm to find he missed everything and now has to find something else to do.

So Dragonlock goes into hiding, gets a day job, and pretends he's not a dragon while struggling to disobey the call of N'Zoth. He is, however, capable of passing himself off as a warlock or very powerful fire mage due to his inherent abilities over earth and fire.

Dragonson is related to Dragonlock but has been on Azeroth all along, born in Dustwallow Marsh. He takes on the guise of a troll when on Azeroth, silently watches the Horde and consorting with the "reformed" members of the Twilight's Hammer within the walls of Orgrimmar. Like his cousin, he is skilled with commanding the powers of earth and fire.

Dragonheals is a member of the Red dragonflight and has guarded the Ruby Dragonshrine for much of her life. After the siege of Wyrmrest, she has taken to seeking remaining Black dragons, which puts her on the trail of both Dragonson and his more benign cousin.

Dragondruid is partnered with Dragonheals on this mission, a member of the Green dragonflight. Dragondruid wishes to learn the secret of what is corrupting the Emerald Dream from beneath the Maelstrom and seeks the capture of the remaining Black dragons to do it.

In short, we have Moltarion/Mol'nowa (Dragonlock) trying to persuade his cousin Volcarion/Vol'sora (Dragonson) to aid him in bringing the Twilight's Hammer back. While Sindastrazsa/Sinda'watha (Dragonheals) and Veralius/Ver'tok (Dragondruid) hunt them in secrecy, trying not to get their covers as trolls blown while trying to reveal the covers of their quarries.

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