Symbiosis Macro

somehow mine got screwed up and I can't figure out how to fix it to whisper people anymore:

#showtooltip Symbiosis
/cast Symbiosis
/run if UnitExists"target" then SendChatMessage ("SYMBIOSIS: You and I have become one through nature! (You get one of my spells, I get one of your,) spell is in your spellbook)","WHISPER",nil,GetUnitName("target",1
No clue, but this would rock, and I would definitely use it if somebody has a working one. Bumpity bump.
There's a really nice addon for this called DruidAnnounce or something of that sort. It whispers the person directly telling them what they gained and also announces to the group you're in (raid, party, instance) who you used it on and what they received.

Is also highly customizable: what the message says, who it sends to, can whisper if someone runs out of range while casting it, etc.
Your macro above ran over the 255 characters. You are missing the parenthesis and end statement after ("target",1. You have to shorten your whisper statement some.

This is the macro i use. It sends them a link of the spell so they can click and easily view. This takes care of not having to whisper so much to them to explain it.

/cast [@target,nodead] Symbiosis
/script local u,pi="target","Symbiosis";if IsSpellInRange(pi,u)==1 then SendChatMessage("You have "..GetSpellLink(pi).."!","WHISPER",nil,UnitName(u)) end
I've been using this addon - it whispers for me - really loving it.
Kustroff, I tried using that macro in scenarios and random heroics, and got the error that "name" wasn't playing or didn't exist. Yet it cast the spell just fine. What is going on?
that script (Lua) isn't....well...Lua syntax. It errors, as designed.

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