<Aspersion> 8/16(H) - Recruiting everything!


10-man raiding team on US-Illidan
8/16 Heroic
16/16 Normal

About Us:
Aspersion formed shortly after the lauch of Mists of Pandaria. Since the guild's inception, we have worked hard to become a competitive 10m on our server. With a core of like-minded, tight-nit people, we have had a fair amount of success in a short amount of time. We continue to actively recruit for our core to be sure we keep high skilled and like minded players in our ranks. Although we sound "serious buisness", our main goal is to progress as much as possible while keeping the raids fun.

Our Expectations:
Aspersion's number one priority is attitude and dedication. Second priority is excellent raid awareness and reaction time. We are looking for raiders who know their classes and maximise the use of their cooldowns/CCs as needed, while following boss mechanics. We can teach you the fights but we cannot teach you how to play the game.
As far as progression goes, it is expected that individuals research their own specific class and spec. A general overview of an encounter will not meet our performance standards.
We use Ventrillo for raid communication and greatly prefer recruits both have and use their mics to communicate during raid. If you would like to join and do not have a mic, please consider getting one.

Recruiting Needs:
Off-Tank: Druid, DK, Monk, Warrior
Heals: Shaman(priority), Druid(priority), Monk, Paladin
Dps: Warlock(priority), Hunter, Priest, Boomkin

If your class/spec is not listed, please feel free to contact us if you meet the aforemention criteria. We also welcome all casual raiders and any who would like to be a part of the team in the near future.

Progression Raiding Schedule - All times are Central Time (US-Illidan's Server Time)
Tuesday 7:00pm - 12:00am
Wednesday 7:00pm - 12:00am
Friday 7:00pm - 12:00am

For more information, contact Purpyy / Spacecow in-game on the Illidan server, or Battletag purpyy#1835 spacecow#1213
^ Still looking for two great additions to the guild
We also have our very own Space cow.
bump :D
We have our very own barberry too.
and our very own QQ <3
^ Got our healers: Still looking for an amazing off tank!
Any time you guys need a tank I'll be happy to raid again, however I might be cutting it close with the 7pm start on weeknights, always on by 8pm though.
are you looking for a paladin tank by chance?
Take me wiff juuuu I need franz :/
If I was 480, I'd be happy to apply as a tank/off-tank. Sadly, I'm 463 =(

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