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As my armory thread might imply, I'm pretty big on weapons and the sort. In RP, Kamazhi recently picked up a weapon to use regularly for the first time (he's trained tons, but usually prefers hand-to-hand for combat) and so I thought I'd ask WRA, what does your character use and why?

Kamazhi's picked up a scimitar for a few reasons. Typically, someone as huge as him (8', 525 lbs) is expected to use a power weapon, but he never saw much point in that. He's already got strength, and is likely capable of breaking someone's guard with a sock full of rocks, if he wanted to. As a result he figured it's best to get something quick he can utilize his reach with, since he's already at a speed disadvantage to most enemies.

Because a persian scimitar has a wide, flared head, it's more built for thrusting than other curved swords. (CURVED! SWORDS!) This lets Kamazhi put his great reach to use with jabbing wounds that are made more threatening by twisting the blade.

On top of that, it being a one-handed weapon (instead of a spear or halberd) lets him keep a hand free for grabbing or punching, or using chi.

So whabout you?
Ambergale here prefers polearms when she has to fight. She likes having the reach and able to do significant damage to her enemies. Of course, if things get close range she'll have her handy dagger and nature magic.
Aviric is a Druid of the Claw, so her weapons are her teeth and claws. Though she carries a staff blessed with nature magic, even out of her various forms she would prefer to use her natural weapons(Once again, teeth and claws), being a Worgen and all.
Seji has very little (if any) formal/direct training in regards to weapons/combat. Most of his knowledge comes from experience and trial-and-error. He was always big and 'tough', so he just sort of figured it out. So his 'style' is probably effective due to learning fast which dumb things get you killed, but not very pretty. 'Street Fighting', if you will.

He can use a knife decently, but mostly it would be used for cutting food and a general tool. As a shape-shifter, when threatened, he usually takes the form of a bear (his preferred animal) to fight, using teeth, claws, tusks, and raw brute strength, along with some speed (bears are surprisingly fast for being so huge). Being a bear gives him advantages: thick fur, vital stuff toward the ground (Belly, throat, etc.) and having more intelligence than the average animal.

If for some reason he doesn't use one of his animal forms, he prefers teeth, tusks, and claws (nails? Trolls have some thick, mean looking claw-nail-thingies) to fight, mostly punching and 'wrestling'. He's large for a troll, and heavy-boned for one, so he just relies on size and muscle to win, most of the time. It certainly doesn't always win! Someone with speed, smarts, and better training could pretty easily slip around his rather clumsy, all things considered, moves and cause him a lot of problems.

Forgot to Add: Casters are probably his bane. Those, he likes to rush, bash to the ground and maul fast because all his size, natural armor, and strength means nothing when someone is setting you on fire or using some other nasty spell.
Ver'chall fights with spells, but when pressed out of ranged combat he uses demonic magic to hulk out and fight hand to hand. He's not very practiced in melee combat, but the tremendous strength lent to him by infusing himself with demonic energy means that if he hits you, it's gonna hurt.

As for a weapon, he carries a staff topped with a demonic claw clutching a demonic heart, but he only really uses it to cast.
A Dagger. Daggers are USEFUL. They can pry open old treasure chests, have a rope tied to 'em to be a improvised "grappling hook" (though less biting into walls and more swinging around a tree or something. You gotta get the throw just right), they are light and less likely to get in your way while crawling through tight spaces, and they are heavy enough to clock someone from behind to knock 'em out. Oh, and of course it's just easier to kill enemies with a precise stab then it is many clonks on the head with a stave.
The fists of fury.
When he's actually fighting, Resh tends to stay away as far as possible, only fighting hand to hand in his demon or wing forms, he'll wack things with his staff on occassion, a nasty concussion at the risk of a parry is more preferable than a perfectly healthy opponent in his face.

Though his favorite weapons are his claws and teeth, he's sadistic enough to get joy out of slowly peeling skin open with his claws or ripping necks open with his teeth... yeah, you never want to see Resh and an opponent that's alive but too wounded to fight back, it gets terrifying.
I wouldn't see Zieto using any *weapon* weapons besides maybe a hidden last resort improvised one (that may or may not be a distraction/misdirection), to be honest.

On my main (who granted isn't even on an RP server BUT) if I could get away with using Tarecgosa's Wrath staff, I totally would just because it matches her Sporeggar tabard sooooo well!

...*doesn't think of weapons ICly very well* :<
Lucrezia was partial to swords, but she's found she really really likes the axes she wields now. (Her mogged axes: The Blade of Harbingers, a rather belfish-looking axe imo.)

She loves the design, the feel of them in her hands, and finds they fit pretty well with her dual-wielding fighting style. I as her player like that they aren't ungodly huge for being 2H weapons so the titan's grip thing doesn't look as absurd as it can with other weapons.
Kimerian uses a rune-etched flamberge (which was taken by an opponent after his death) when fighting on foot but when mounted he uses a typical lance and a warhammer after his lance breaks, he also uses a one handed falx for his head collecting rituals or as weapon should his unfortunate victim attempts to struggle.

His brother-in-arms Dreadweaver utilizes a razor edge bastard sword and magic on one hand. He also uses a pre-conjured bone spike as a makeshift dagger or to hoist an opponent's head after his triumphant victory.
Kal'tok prefers to fight with polearms but if they fail he will use one of his Druid forms depending on the enemy, if he needs to use raw brute strength with a good amount of speed he'll use his bear form, if he needs to ambush someone in the wilds or needs an agile form he'll use his cat form, if he needs a heavy-hitting form that isn't a bear he will use his stag form, and finally if he needs to flee he'll typhoon his enemy and fly away in his bat form.

When the need arises he'll also cast offensive spells even though he's still a novice at casting them.
Entirely depends on what he's wearing and in what kind of state of mind he is in.
Yezian is more monk than butler when he's in his kilt transmog set. A staff is perfect. It kind of symbolizes peace and quiet, but also battle to me.
It kind of looks like a samurai and I can't picture him with anything other than a staff:

I was always hoping for a melee class that utilizes staves as a weapon. I dunno, it just fits.

The other transmog set I have, is the one I leveled him up to 80 with. It looks really elegant imo, fits perfectly to my tabard and is just made for two katana- like swords.

He has more butler and bodyguard in this set. Elegant enough to be able to walk through the city and it gives him enough room to be swift and agile. Swords are an elegant weapon. It just fits.
Lets see I have variouse charecters on wyrmrest all horde side except for one. My warlock and mage are spell casters but my warlock uses a sword forged by fel magic to slash and stab his enemies with a fel flame if he isn't in demon form. He is a decent fencer so he can hold his own in close quarters. My mage is a war mage so he also uses a sword when it comes to close quarters but he wields it like a broad sword so it can be used in one or two hands. I use the Quel'delar sword model for it though I am a good enough rper to know its a little op if I say its the actual Quel'delar so I just say its a faimly heirloom blade.

I have two death knight profiles one for blood and the other for unholy. The Blood one uses the conventional two handed rune blade striking in wide arcs to keep mulitple eneamies and of course sense he is blood he dosn't have much need for a shield sense blood death knights harden their blood and bones to make an extra layer of armor. My unholy Death knight uses a scythe often striking fast with a plague strike and he wears a lighter set of plate armor so he can keep on the move and attack in cordination with his geist.

My rogue either uses two daggers or a sword and dagger. He mostly prefers to fight like a combat rogue would sense he is definatly the swash buckeling pirate type. He will use his sword in his main hand to give him a distance advantage but if you get in to close he will go for a stab in the gut with his dagger or attempt to upper cut you with his dagger in a reverse grip. He is of course very fast and agile hard to hit and hard to predict.
Lucrezia was partial to swords, but she's found she really really likes the axes she wields now. (Her mogged axes: The Blade of Harbingers, a rather belfish-looking axe imo.)

She loves the design, the feel of them in her hands, and finds they fit pretty well with her dual-wielding fighting style. I as her player like that they aren't ungodly huge for being 2H weapons so the titan's grip thing doesn't look as absurd as it can with other weapons.

Haha, cool. Please don't take this personally, but titan's grip always bugs the hell out of me, from a practical perspective. Seeing people dual-wield full-length weapons is a personal peeve, though I of course don't cry about it in RP. Just figured since it was topical.

On a more encouraging not to balance that out, cool axe! It does look very Sin'Dorei.
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The fists of fury.

Asterat kills things with a pair of meat cleavers, because she's a !@#$ing death knight.
Aurric uses a double edged, cruciform Dalaran Sword (Common quality pride). Sometimes sword and board, sometimes a hand free for grappling and casting. It's a magi's weapon, so magic is inherent in the way it was forged; not only strengthens it but makes a good caster's implement. It will hold up to most (not all) rune-blades, but it isn't actually one itself.

Yes, I made up a story for a vendor item in Dalaran.
A scalpel and syringes.

In my mind however, this guy would be backed by a faithful Abomination or two to serve as muscle.
If I could have it my way, I would use dual-pistols or a two-handed cannon. However, neither is possible atm.

Castellan is more of a gun Pandaren. (Would prefer the Wolfslayer rifle from Karazhan for transmog)

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