Your character's weapon(s) of choice?

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Lies and hiding and poison darts. Or just an axe.
Zorigo goes out of his way to ensure he's not the one fighting so he can focus his attention on healing the injured, but knows its utterly stupid not to carry a weapon for when the situation arises and he has no choice but to fight, so with that notion he always carries a large staff with a wolf head etched out on the top of the staff, given to him by his Master in the Mistweaver arts.
Gev generally prefers to use a pair of two-handed swords, but he's competent with axes, daggers and smaller swords as well in addition to ranged weapons. He carries a bow and a dagger most of the time as well as a small shield, plus a rifle and revolver in more dangerous situations.
Nox doesn't use her blade for much but it's magical properties. She prefers shadowmancy because it's non-linear and allows her abilities to shape around her enemy and his/her attacks.
Claws and teeth.
(Cat form)
Long time ago in a realm far away, Lahkh was a Night elf and preferred polearms QQ
12/08/2012 02:57 PMPosted by Borgg
Do you guys name your IC weapons? I am kind of surprised to only see like one or two of you in this thread have done so. It always interests me to see what/why people name things.

When Gogrimm was a warrior, a few of his buddies named the Nightfall he forged.
As an arcanist, Naeron finds a staff to be to his liking, though, he's no stranger to wands or daggers.
First, I would like to say that I love and respect you, Borgg.

Anar's father named his longsword, and his grandfather named the zweihander he uses, but I never use their names. I simply assume that Anar and only Anar knows the names of the weapons he uses, and would share it with nobody (Which is why I don't have to justify coming up with names.)

It's a tradition in Anar's household to forge/enchant a new/old weapon/piece of armor for those to come.

Hey thanks, that is a really nice thing of you to say.

I like your concept about no one else needing to know so you don't tell anyone. Weapons can be deeply personal, considering how big a role they play in many of our toons lives, and I can see why he would name them and also keep it private at the same time. I would still like to have a name for mine, though, even if I never told anyone what it was, just for that feeling of completion.
Do you guys name your IC weapons? I am kind of surprised to only see like one or two of you in this thread have done so. It always interests me to see what/why people name things.

When Gogrimm was a warrior, a few of his buddies named the Nightfall he forged.

Nightfall is a beautiful axe. I wish they had left the blades steel like it was before though.
Bow, something about a Tauren using a gun just doesn't sound right to me.
A pair of daggers built for swift thrusting. She wants the job done quickly lest she exhaust herself!
Axes, nothing better than an axe.
Shinar prefers thinner, lighter swords. Favoring speed and dexterity over her inability to provide force, she tends to take up a long sword and dirk combo or sword and free hand for rune power casting purposes. When the terrain affords it, she can be seen with a spear. Again, favoring a certain practical nature of agility and speed over power with her technique.
Crea was taught the art of pugilism by her father, who thought it to be a gentleman's sport. Upon finding her battered, bleeding, and bruised - and, for some reason, smiling - after her first day of Uncle Gallywix's School for Tiny Tycoons, he found that he was very, very wrong.

That said, after a bit of training in the arts of shamanism, she can call upon GIANT STONE FISTS, preferably focused upon a pair of knuckledusters or other fist-based weaponry.

Leaf blades! Better for hacking and slashing. Go for the ugly-but-does-the-job kill.
Since I RP Hadhan here as a warrior/monk (if you see a monk named "Hadhann" that's me!) I naturally prefer fists/hand to hand fighting. However he also likes using a staff/polearm when he wants to keep his foe at a distance or is fighting multiple opponents at once. He's also been known to use a rapier/shield combo when he wants to focus on defense and precision.

My blood elf combat specced rogue likes dual-wielding one-handed maces but he isn't afraid to whip out a pair of daggers if the situation calls for a more "subtle" approach. He can use swords and axes if need be but he doesn't like the mess they leave behind...

My DK's original runeforged weapon was a two-handed sword so naturally he prefers them but he's just as comfortable dual-wielding a pair of one-handed blades.
Roulette likes weapons that move and serve as a sort of visual distraction. The weirder the better! Especially if it writhes and twists like a living thing. Writhing Wand is a favorite. She digs the Klaxxi staff but wishes it moved or grabbed at the air or something. Also things like the Medusoid Staff are great for getting things off high shelves.

Rou gets made fun of for her weapon preferences though. Japan ruined Lovecraft for everybody! >:(
Mags being a hunter, has her bow as her weapon (thank heavens for transmog, the girl hasn't the slightest idea how to shoot a gun), and an old sacrificial dagger from her rebellious days that's now used to finish off her kills/act as a general skinning/deboning/everything. She also has a pair of nice Hakkari blades (the green ones from ZG) she obtained in a skirmish, but they're mostly used against surrounding underbrush, machete-style. In any situation she's happier carrying a few blades because she's at a disadvantage in melee.

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