Legacy of Lothar: Transfer guild LF few spots

Legacy of Lothar (previously Dawn of War of US-Archimonde alliance) is looking for a tank, healer with viable offspec, and 2 strong DPS. 6/6 MGV and at least 3/6 HoF exp prefered. 480 ilvl preferred.

Tank - Must have a mic, must be willing to be vocal, Non druid prefered. Must also be willing to put in the effort to research fights and communicate with myself (the other tank).

Heals - Mic and willingness to be vocal preferred. Non pally/shaman prefered. Must be willing to research the fights and coordinate strategy with other healers (taylorswift and galaak)

DPS - Ranged preferred but not required. Must be willing to research fights and to follow the instruction of our raid leader (Jac)

Raid spots are competitive based on performance. No spots are guaranteed.

add Gorlock#1163 if interested in talking to me for more information in game. Or leave a message here and I will contact you.
You can also message me in game if you have questions and Karm isn't on.
What he said.
Bump for some ranged dps and 1 healer with dps os.Raiding this Wednesday, average ilvl around 470 welcome!
Bump LF healer for perm spot on our group in HoF progression.

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